The Practical Guide To Marketing Yourself As A Public Speaker

Public speaking is one of the best globally recognized ways to establish yourself as an authority. But how to start your "side job" as a notable speaker at the beginning? In a contributed piece for Inc. Magazine, I shared the custom framework I apply when launching products in-house and consulting customers. Product marketing is just as applicable when you want to brand yourself. So it's time to put the theory on building an effective marketing strategy in practice with a practical case study. The "Zealot Checklist" framework could be applied in almost any context. Here's how the theory works in… Continue Reading

The Business Executives’ Guide To Inbound Marketing

The business executives of a company should be the frontliners in marketing the company’s products and services. There’s hardly any way around it.  If you are a part of a company's senior leadership or management, it’s crucial to learn how to navigate marketing alongside other business operations. Digital marketing involves several skills, including content production, email marketing, affiliate and partnerships, as well as social media, analytics, setting and measuring KPIs, and tracking and launching campaigns. Once you have the background in place, you can hire someone or work with a team that can follow the successful steps and expand further.… Continue Reading

Hiring Digital Marketers Amidst The Growing Employment Opportunities For A Remote Workforce

Remote working and starting a business are two trends that have been massively popular over the past few years. The news of Yahoo and IBM pulling remote workers back to their offices and letting go of people who aren’t willing to work on-site has created mass protests online and throwbacks from the young generation that refuses to obey the 9-to-5 working lifestyle. This shift towards remote work and asynchronous communication is particularly exciting for digital marketers. The ability to work from anywhere and collaborate effectively across time zones is a game-changer for managing global campaigns and client relationships. Digital marketers… Continue Reading

How Mission and Vision Statements Work

When starting a business or setting a new direction for an existing one, two guiding stars often lead the way: mission and vision statements. The mission statement is like the company's backbone, outlining its core purpose and the reason it exists. It answers the straightforward question: Why are we here? On the other hand, the vision statement is the big dream, the picture of what success looks like in the future. It's the company's north star, giving everyone a clear direction and something to strive for. Have you developed a mission statement for your company? What about a vision statement?… Continue Reading

7 Strategic Ways to Build a Strong Sales Team For SMEs

Sales productivity is the rate at which members of the sales team acquire revenue for the business. High sales productivity is often a combination of several factors: Saleability of the Product The sales strategies used to sell the product Sales team management Individual sales team member’s ability to sell Building a consistently high-performing sales team is a strategic endeavor. By focusing on meticulous planning, ongoing development, and fostering a supportive environment, you can dramatically increase your odds of success. While market fluctuations, team dynamics, and unforeseen opportunities can play a role, a well-structured and well-trained team is far better equipped… Continue Reading

8 Strategies How to Promote Your Blog Content

I am a great proponent of Inbound marketing - and investing in content development is brilliant in the long run. But unless you promote your blog, there's virtually no way for visitors to discover your content. SEO has evolved drastically over the past two decades. I was crushing it for all sorts of keywords in 2007, content production was all about "keyword density", bombing any business was contingent on 10 marketers adding malicious anchor text pointing to a website. Social media is changing rapidly, too. Facebook has built a whole empire around brands building groups and fan pages for promotion… Continue Reading

Mastering the B2B Sales Process: How to Effectively Reach Decision Makers

Budget and timing are the two major reasons why businesses and salespersons lose in B2B sales process. This is according to a report from Chorus. This gives emphasis to the fact that the B2B sales process is a long one and it needs strategic approaches not only in budget and timing but also in other key aspects. To be successful in B2B sales means to have a deeper appreciation of B2B processes and sales stages, determining and reaching the decision-makers, and knowing how to go through the sales process efficiently. Understanding the B2B Sales Process The B2B process takes longer… Continue Reading

Test It Before You Build It: Techniques for Validating Your Product Idea

Have you ever been brimming with a fantastic product idea, only to see it fizzle out after launch? You're not alone. Countless entrepreneurs fall victim to the "build it and they will come" fallacy. But what if there was a way to gauge your product's potential before investing significant time and resources? Here's the good news: there is!  Employing some key product validation techniques significantly increases your chances of bringing a successful product to market.  Think of it like test-driving a car before you buy it.  Validation helps you identify potential roadblocks, fine-tune your offering, and ensure there's an actual… Continue Reading

Why And How Hybrid Marketing Can Work For Businesses

Hybrid marketing, which refers to the hybrid between the styles of digital and traditional marketing campaigns, continues to become popular. Some of the best examples of hybrid marketing that can be found show the refreshing potential that this combo can offer to businesses. Global execs surveyed (US, UK, etc., April 2021) are all in on hybrid experiences. It's not just convenience - 43% see innovation and personalization, while 40% aim to build stronger customer connections. Inclusivity matters too, with 38% prioritizing it. Hybrid goes beyond the basics, offering a strategic edge. In the current business landscape, it is almost without… Continue Reading

Why Do Digital Marketers Screw Up When Working In B2B?

Why do traditional marketers screw up in a B2B setting? After conducting 200+ interviews with B2C marketers running eCommerce or low-ticket SaaS, I prepared a quick outline of B2B marketing and what makes it different. As a HubSpot agency partner and a programmatic advertising partner scaling enormous publishers, we know how different the entire strategy is, especially as we are selling $50K - $300K solutions all the time. Our larger contracts are way into the 7 figures as well. And regardless of whether you're hiring marketers or looking to grow into your marketing role, you have to start with the… Continue Reading