Why And How Hybrid Marketing Can Work For Businesses

Hybrid marketing, which refers to the hybrid between the styles of digital and traditional marketing campaigns, continues to become popular. Some of the best examples of hybrid marketing that can be found show the refreshing potential that this combo can offer to businesses. Global execs surveyed (US, UK, etc., April 2021) are all in on hybrid experiences. It's not just convenience - 43% see innovation and personalization, while 40% aim to build stronger customer connections. Inclusivity matters too, with 38% prioritizing it. Hybrid goes beyond the basics, offering a strategic edge. In the current business landscape, it is almost without… Continue Reading

The 18 Core Topics Businesses Need to Evaluate and Refine

Working with 400+ consulting clients involves handling various recurring problems and pain points. Some of the 6-7-figure businesses I have been consulting on generate $750K to $50M in annual revenue (I charge $6K - $20K for 4-12 weeks of advisory.), and having been immersed in actual work as a corporate business advisor, I know first-hand that most of the business problems are around the following: navigating recruitment managing technical teams handling operations running successful agencies building distributed teams employer branding (to name a few). scaling their operations automating processes growing digital presence Producing high-quality content  In particular, these are the… Continue Reading

11 Questions to Ask a Business Consultant

There are several reasons why large corporations, small businesses, or even a solopreneur would hire a business consultant.  Hiring a business consultant can be very expensive, but highly rewarding. Consultants provide invaluable services that include the following:  Providing expert advisory, mentoring and assistance in a specific market Assessing risks and identifying problems Providing leadership or support to existing staff Planning on new initiatives Providing objectivity in decision-making Training employees Refining the organizational model Developing a feasible business plan Networking with potential clients and influencers It’s easy to find a business consultant. There are more than 600,000 management consultants in the… Continue Reading

How Digital Consultants Bring Value to SMEs

Growing a Top 20 WordPress agency worldwide is what led me to pick up marketing and management skills which I’ve been polishing as a digital consultant over the past decade bringing value to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). When I mention that “I’m the CEO of DevriX and I’m a Digital Consultant”, I often get asked, “What does a Digital Consultant do” “How do digital consultants bring value to SMEs? Well, for starters: Digital consultants bring a diverse and broad industry expertise Combined with a cost-effective mentorship (the “one-man army” approach) They provide and set the high-end strategy They pave… Continue Reading

15 Types of Small Business Advisors

Management consulting is a $329-billion industry and it continues to grow with small and medium-sized businesses increasingly seeking diverse expertise to navigate the challenges of scaling in the ever-evolving business landscape. But while the Fortune 500s can afford to splurge tens of millions of dollars for contracts assigned to Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture and the other market leaders, SMEs still need strategic guidance and support in the face of a business advisor. If you want to address the most pressing business challenges in 2024, here's a list of the most relevant types of business advisors to consult in times of need.… Continue Reading

How Much Does a Business Consultant Cost: Consulting Fees and Pricing Structure

Consulting fees and pricing can be structured in several ways. But like most businesses offering services, the number one challenge is pricing their offers. Having closed my first consulting contract back in 2008 before launching several 7-figure businesses (along my business advisory), I've consulted over 400 clients and worked with 50+ consultants across the portfolio of companies I manage with my agency and within my investment companies. Pricing products is easier than pricing services because, with products, you can easily trace the production costs. However, with services, determining the value of what constitutes your services — time, staff, expertise  —… Continue Reading

18 Ways to Receive Maximum Value From Consulting and Mentoring Sessions

There are so many different situations where you may have a chance to receive valuable information from top consultants and mentors all over the world. This may be your usual consultant that you hired on retainer, a speaker that you met at a conference, or a mentor you applied to over the internet. In all cases, what I've gathered over time is that lots of people are not prepared to receive the right piece of advice all the time, not ready to execute on it, or generally not maximizing the value they get from certain sessions.  This is why after… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Consultant for Business Growth

Consultants “can” be instrumental to a business. But since consultancy is broadly irregulated, everyone can update their LinkedIn headline and start a consulting career out of nowhere. There are lots of people who try to offer consulting without really knowing what they consult on. Navigating through the consulting landscape is extremely challenging without a reliable reference or enough budget for a top industry peer and hiring a random person on the Internet to help your business is just as reliable as hiring a freelancer or finding a plumber through Yellow Pages. Many business owners find themselves needing a helping hand… Continue Reading