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With nearly 20 years in tech, 12 in training and management, and 8 in marketing, I've finally managed to build a scaling company.

I'm the CEO of DevriX, a team of 40; a WordPress & Business advisor working with SMEs, featured writer, seasoned trainer, husband, father.

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Regardless of whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, an engineer or a marketing professional, I have revealed some of my proven techniques here.

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The 4 P’s of Employee Relations and Conflict Management in the Workplace

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How Can A Techie Startup Founder Sell Product Online?

How can a techie startup founder sell his product online? Since hiring costs too much (not suitable in too early stage), then what else? Great startup founders are obsessed with their businesses. As uncomfortable as it may be for you, closing the first customers is your job. Unless you have a co-founder who is strong in…

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Major Fears That Keep People From Starting Own Business

What are the major fears that can keep people in their jobs when they really want to start own business? Every single person who had ever started a business knows all the grind it comes with. You work 80–100 hours a week for years to come, and becoming profitable may take 6–12 months, if not…

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How Do Some People Travel Without Ever Working?

Mostly, false perceptions and misguiding social accounts that showcase a life of “rainbows and unicorns” don’t exist. You’ll be surprised to realize how many fake influencers there are. In fact, there are some who rent small studios for an hour just to take a couple of selfies, hijack dinners with celebrities, master Photoshop, you name…

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