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Do you know how to establish a solid business foundation or how to set up an effective marketing strategy? Do you have problems with finding the right member for your team? Are you familiar with the pros of hiring an intrapreneur?

The answers to these questions and way more are revealed in my 8-week business accelerator course

You Will Learn:

How to set up an effective marketing strategy.

How to unite your team around the company's goals and culture.

How to push your sales to the next level using technologies and way more.

What's the difference between entrepreneur and intrapreneur and who to hire.

How to establish a solid business foundation.




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What's Gonna Be Featured?

1. Start From Square 1: Building a Solid Foundation
    for Your Business 

2. If You Build It - You Need to Promote It... 

    Effective Marketing Strategy

3. Business Success = People Success - tactics to hire,          culture etc.

4. Here's why you need intrapreneurs

5. 3 Steps to Boost Your Management Chops

6. When Should You Pay for Outside Expertise?

7. Sales Means Many Things

 8. Steps to Build a 5-Star Team or an A+ Team

 9. Communication tips from my playbook

10. Feast and famine meets recurring revenue

11. Burn out is real - prevention is crucial 

12. The compounding interest of Employer Branding

13. Why Tech and IT Management Are Crucial

14. Strengthen your brand as a speaker

15. Thought leadership hacks

16. Time Management and Productivity Tips                      for 24/7 Entrepreneurs

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