What Fed Your Desire to Pursue Entrepreneurship and Be Your Own Boss?

Who I was when I was still a teenager may have something to do with my pursuit of being my own boss, and my being an entrepreneur now. I was not a “born entrepreneur” but I definitely didn’t lack ideas and creativity along the way.

I’ve always been curious and intrigued by the concept of solving problems. At the age of 9, I built my first static site, just around the time I got into programming in my effort to automate homework-solving activities (formulas and the like.)

There was also a time when I kept hanging out with other troublemakers in the area, looking to earn some bucks by selling CDs with music compilations.

I got into software translations since this was a way to get free licenses to software and tap into communities.

I got myself on the “school newspaper” team because that meant more time around computers and learning document editing and graphic software along with others.

I did volunteering and contributed to communities which got me a remote job back in 2005 or so. Not bad given that these were really scarce back then.

I signed up for courses that unlocked other career opportunities. Progressive trainees that demonstrate potential are the desired asset of these opportunities. I would grab what seemed to be promising training programs just so I could harness my potential.

Juggling many responsibilities has not always been so easy but I was able to navigate with the right business strategy and leadership skills in place.

Problem-solving, learning, and networking—there are my three high-level tips for success. Take these three into consideration as you grow in the industry you are in.