Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The Marketing Guide for Executives

If you’re in a leadership position and want to level up your marketing chops, this massive guide is for you. Whether your background is in tech, finances, business administration – dive right in.

This marketing collection sums up the best marketing resources I’ve listed down over the past 2 years, aggregated and compiled into digestible pieces in every corresponding category.

Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

The essentials of preparing a successful marketing strategy

4 different ways to segment your target market | 9 different approaches to marketing

8 Different Approaches to Marketing

Marketing is employed in different shapes and forms. There are 8 core categories that differentiate marketing in a business setting. Here’s how to identify the right ones for your business.

Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

Making a deliberate choice between inbound and outbound marketing is not an easy feat. More often than not, the answer is “both”. But what’s the best way to ensure that your business can benefit the most out of your strategy?

Traditional Marketing | How to Integrate hybrid Marketing

How to Integrate Hybrid Marketing

Mixing in traditional marketing with digital or online marketing trends can be easier than you expect. Even if you sell internationally or online, tapping into the local market could yield unexpected results.

Content Marketing

On writing high-quality long-form content and mixing it in with different media sources

Different form of content | Writing high-quality content

Writing High-Quality Content

Content marketing is the root of all… marketing endeavors. And producing high-quality content can make all the difference for decreasing bounce rates, increasing time spent on site, maximizing click-through rates, ranking better, generating more links.

Perks of long-form Content vs. Short Content | Writing Long-Form Content

Writing Long-Form Content

Top content is definitely high-quality but length matters for various reasons. And writing lengthy guides or resources may seem to be a tough effort for your marketing strategy. Here’s how to optimize your time and produce long-form and valuable guides.

The Evergreen Content Guide

The Evergreen Content Guide

The further you dive into the core problems of a business, the easier it is to generate evergreen ideas taking various forms of content.

One thing is sure, whatever form you choose, your evergreen content will serve you for a long time, ensuring a constant traffic to your website. Create a plan for recurring content updates and the traffic will steadily grow over time.

Text to video content marketing transition | text, audio, video marketing in 2020

Text, Audio, Video Marketing in 2020

Marketing is a vivid mix in an era of 5G and free Wi-Fi in Starbucks. Video content has overtaken text by bandwidth and audio searches are conquering multiple industries (and local search). Here’s what else you need to learn and utilize in your marketing mix.

Brand Development And Social

Repurposing content and utilizing an omni-channel approach for brand building

How companies approach marketing as they grow | Brand recognition for successful marketing strategy

Brand Recognition for Successful Marketing Strategy

One of the indisputable indirect ranking factors is brand recognition. Established brands are more trustworthy, naturally generate more clicks, and are linkable (among any other positive factors you can think of). Here’s what you need to know when it comes to branding and marketing.

9 business benefits of being on quora

Benefits of Being on Quora for Your Business

If you’re a C-level executive looking for ways to build credibility and for various business opportunities, then you should definitely be on Quora. 

Joining Quora turns on your learning and sharing mode, allowing you to offer working solutions to targeted people having a real problem.

Different types of Content | Repurposing content for social media

Repurposing Content for Social Media

Content repurposing is among my favorite marketing techniques of all time. Building a single content resource, extracting it into multiple forms, and posting across a dozen channels is a joyful exercise to maximize your efforts.

What to avoid in producing content to repurpose | Repurposing Mistakes to Avoid

Repurposing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s hard to go wrong while repurposing content but it’s not impossible. There are common mistakes less experienced marketers do while cross-posting content across different mediums. Here’s how to avoid them.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your content strategy is in place, here’s what the bigger picture looks like

Competitor Organic Research: Case Study | Website SEO - A case study

Website SEO – A Case Study

Search Engine Optimization is an integral portion of a marketing strategy. It’s a complex topic to cover which is why we’re taking a different approach here: a practical case study with top players in the “gifts” space and how they stack up.

Executive Marketing Guides

Crucial marketing strategies for execs and how to scale your operations

understanding these 4 concepts of an inbound marketing strategy | Executive's guide to inbound marketing

Executive’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

The business executives of a company should be the frontliners in marketing the company’s products and services. There’s hardly any way around it. 

10 Major Digital Marketing Startegies SME Execs Must Upgrade now | Digital Marketing Strategies for Executives

Digital Marketing Strategies for Executives

An actionable list of 10 important digital marketing strategies for SME executives eager to up their marketing game.

Internet Marketing for startups

Internet Marketing for Startups

Building a marketing team in-house takes time and resources. Should you hire in-house or outsource? Hire for experience or motivation? Work with freelancers or agencies?

Find out the right approach in this guide.