The Sales Guide for Executives

Regardless of your background — whether in tech, finances, or business — if you want to boost the sales of the organization you’re leading, this massive guide is for you.

Lead Generation Strategies & Sales

Sales is a skill that comes naturally to a small percentage of the population. And we, the mere mortals, have to push hard, study, train, and practice this skill if we want to succeed as executives and senior managers.

30 Lead Generation Strategies for Service Companies

Every single business struggles with growth. And of the many challenges that starting businesses and even growing ones face, generating new clients is of utmost importance. 

Often, service-based businesses struggle more in this aspect compared to product businesses, which is why we’ve generated this list for you that would help you generate more clients for your business. 

We hired Mario on an emergency training/consulting job for 3 weeks and he was simply superb! He was polite, punctual, responsive, and very effective in a Job with Aramco Oil. I will hire him again and will expect nothing less than the best.

Raymond Friedman

CEO & President of Mile2

Mario Peshev

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Sales Teams and Enterprise Sales

Have you scaled your salesforce yet? If not, it’s important to pick a process that’s scalable, bulletproof, and predictable.

Common Traits of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs | The intrapreneurship guide

Selling To Enterprises

Enterprise contracts comply with different rules than low-ticket deals. Enterprise deals take significantly longer, target various stakeholders, move through a longer journey, often involve legal or compliance challenges.

Make sure you’re prepared to deal with enterprise sales if you haven’t already.

I’ve been working with web design firms since the mid-90s. Mario’s firm DevriX is the best I have worked with by a wide margin. Their ability to customize high-performance WordPress sites is exceptional. They bring a spirit of collaboration to their work, as well as taking initiative on virtual project management. Mario has been very responsive and has really taken the time to understand our business model. Some of my best interactions with Mario have nothing to do with pending projects but with big picture issues and strategies we need to be thinking about. He’s offered us candid feedback which I find invaluable. A real pro to work with.

Jon Reed

Jon Reed

Co-Founder of