The Sales Guide for Executives

Regardless of your background — whether in tech, finances, or business — if you want to boost the sales of the organization you’re leading, this massive guide is for you.

There are loads of excellent products, inventions and ideas out there — but none of that matters without sales.

Sales is a skill that comes naturally to a small percentage of the population. And we, the mere mortals, have to push hard, study, train, and practice this skill if we want to succeed as executives and senior managers.

The good news is that sales is applicable in almost every area of your life. Once you get the basics right, it’s easy to repetitively test and refine your skills and level up quickly enough.

In the meantime, let’s dive into the concepts of successful sales.

Sales Strategies

Sales Strategies And Considerations For SMEs

30 Lead Generation Strategies for Service Companies

Every single business struggles with growth. And of the many challenges that starting businesses and even growing ones face, generating new clients is of utmost importance. 

Often, service-based businesses struggle more in this aspect compared to product businesses, which is why we’ve generated this list for you that would help you generate more clients for your business. 

5 powerful sales prospecting strategies | sales prospecting strategies for SMEs

Sales Prospecting Strategies for SMEs

How to prospect leads successfully?

B2B sales is a long process that often takes months if not years in the enterprise context. While you don’t have to aim for the largest deals out there, building a relationship first and warming up your leads before pitching can increase your closing rates and boost your chops after the first few months.

5 main considerations working with large corporations | selling to enterprises

Selling To Enterprises

Enterprise contracts comply with different rules than low-ticket deals. Enterprise deals take significantly longer, target various stakeholders, move through a longer journey, often involve legal or compliance challenges.

Make sure you’re prepared to deal with enterprise sales if you haven’t already.

Reasons why businesses fail in retaining customers

Acquiring vs. Retaining Customers

Do you know that acquiring a new customer can cost you 5 to 25 times more money than retaining an existing one? Investing time and resources into retaining your existing customer base leads to a form of recurring revenue, allowing your business to grow at a stable rate.

Sales Case Studies

Practical case studies of challenging scenarios and solutions to them

4 Challenging selling scenarios and ways to resolve them | sample sales case studies

Sample Sales Case Studies

Theoretical sales is great for starters but won’t get you far. Even with practice, understanding the business foundations of a business before initiating the sales process is paramount for success.

That’s why I’ve prepared 4 different business case studies explaining why the science of sales works in a given context.

How to Build an A-Star Sales Team

Understanding the basics of establishing the perfect sales them and how to get an advantage over different personalities

Unless you can convey the value offering in the first pitch, the chances to directly push for a call are miniscule

10 Sales Phrases You Definitely Want to Avoid During a Pitch

Overcoming your fear of sales is a key goal for entrepreneurs, new business founders, and people transitioning to the sales field.

Over the past decade, I’ve had the unpleasant opportunity to hang up or click “spam” almost instantaneously in the presence of specific sales triggers. Here’s my top list of most impactful sales phrases and pitches you definitely have to avoid in your first interaction with customers.

How to Build an A-Star Sales Team

Understanding the basics of establishing the perfect sales them and how to get an advantage over different personalities

factors of high sales productivity | building a strong sales team for SMEs

Building a Strong Sales Team For SMEs

Have you scaled your salesforce yet? If not, it’s important to pick a process that’s scalable, bulletproof, and predictable.

Find out what’s the right setup of a sales team, at what point you’re supposed to hire some roles, and how to navigate this process internally.