How to Create a Business Plan (for Startups)

Young entrepreneurs often forget an important step before launching a startup: creating their business plan. Implementing a website itself is trivial—everyone can spin off a Wix or Weebly website in a matter of minutes and publish it live, even with a rough business plan drafted quickly upfront. The question is: What do you have to offer and is there a market demand? Top 20 Business Reasons Why Startups Fail Business planning may solve this CB Insights came up with a list of the 20 main reasons why startups fail: Top 20 reasons why startups fail. Let’s focus on the… Continue Reading

How to Start an LLC in the U.S. – Complete Guide for Non-residents

Starting a business in the United States is like setting sail on a thrilling voyage, where the horizon is adorned with possibilities of growth and triumph. But if you're a non-U.S. citizen, you might find yourself pondering whether the rewards of starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) are within your reach. The reassuring news is that the doors to LLC ownership have been widely opened to non-U.S. citizens of the country thanks to innovative businesses like doola! Picture yourself standing at the crossroads, with New York's vibrant markets beckoning on one side and Silicon Valley's innovation hubs on the other.… Continue Reading

How to Build a Bootstrapped Product MVP (From the Ground Up)

Whether you want to launch your product business or diversify with a product MVP aligned with your service-driven company, you need a methodical approach that gets you closer to success. Building a product can be an extensive exercise consuming both time and capital. But with the right type of due diligence, this could be a streamlined process that is easy to follow and execute over the course of several months. This product guide is designed for: Service-based businesses eager to productize their services or build a separate stream of recurring revenue Consultants, coaches, freelancers interested in generating predictable revenue and… Continue Reading