How to Generate Content Topic Ideas (23 Tips for Headline Inspiration)

One of the most frequent questions I receive when it comes to marketing is: "How do you come up with so many ideas over the past few years across so many channels?" The truth is, I get help—thanks to my team at Growth Shuttle following the processes we’ve established years ago especially on the social front as we maintain an omni-channel approach toward covering a number of segments. In practice, I’ve been blogging for the past 13 years, own nearly a dozen sites in different verticals, co-authored a technical book back in 2008, issued my own Entrepreneurship book, and manage… Continue Reading

30 Lead Generation Strategies for Service Companies

Every single business struggles with growth. And of the many challenges that starting businesses and even growing ones face, generating new clients is of utmost importance.  Often, service-based businesses struggle more in this aspect compared to product businesses, which is why we've generated this list for you that would help you generate more clients for your business.  So, here are some of the best lead generation strategies. 1. Starting With Landing Pages What you need to start with is a landing page, or also known as a sales page.  Landing pages are the key to breaking down the best type… Continue Reading

Brand Building vs Silent Building: Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Business

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the debate between brand building and silent building has ignited discussions across various platforms. As I engaged in conversations on four different podcasts this week, one central question emerged: why are many dropshippers hesitant to embrace brand building and showcase their stores? The apprehension often stems from a fear of imitation and resistance at scale. However, let's delve into the essence of both strategies to better understand their implications. The Power of Brand Building Brand Building is an artful process that involves crafting a distinct identity for your business through deliberate actions and targeted… Continue Reading

What Makes Running a Digital Publication a Lucrative Business Venture

Running a digital publication can be highly lucrative due to several key advantages. The convergence of low overhead costs, high scalability, targeted advertising, and a global reach makes this a particularly appealing business model. Digital publications can quickly grow in content and readership. The internet provides a nearly unlimited audience for any niche, and expansion into other media forms like podcasts and videos is straightforward. Diverse income streams are available, including subscriptions, paywalls, sponsored content, and advertising. Affiliate marketing also provides a commission for sales made through site links, making the business more resilient. I’m going to divide up the… Continue Reading

The Business Executives’ Guide To Inbound Marketing

The business executives of a company should be the frontliners in marketing the company’s products and services. There’s hardly any way around it.  If you are a part of a company's senior leadership or management, it’s crucial to learn how to navigate marketing alongside other business operations. Digital marketing involves several skills, including content production, email marketing, affiliate and partnerships, as well as social media, analytics, setting and measuring KPIs, and tracking and launching campaigns. Once you have the background in place, you can hire someone or work with a team that can follow the successful steps and expand further.… Continue Reading

Strategies for Differentiating Your Business and Standing Out in a Competitive Landscape

Can you invent an "irresistible offer" (or a "godfather offer") that is killing it on every landing page? I can't!  Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a compelling offer? WordPress retainers have changed the game for our company over the past 8+ years, even if they are not easy to use. How does a WordPress retainer work and what is it? In a nutshell, it's the most effective method for growing an engineering team. Our all-encompassing solution includes intricate projects developed over time, the consistent, long-term use of agile development principles, continuing support and maintenance,… Continue Reading

The Practical Guide To Marketing Yourself As A Public Speaker

Public speaking is one of the best globally recognized ways to establish yourself as an authority. But how to start your "side job" as a notable speaker at the beginning? In a contributed piece for Inc. Magazine, I shared the custom framework I apply when launching products in-house and consulting customers. Product marketing is just as applicable when you want to brand yourself. So it's time to put the theory on building an effective marketing strategy in practice with a practical case study. The "Zealot Checklist" framework could be applied in almost any context. Here's how the theory works in… Continue Reading

Why And How Hybrid Marketing Can Work For Businesses

Hybrid marketing, which refers to the hybrid between the styles of digital and traditional marketing campaigns, continues to become popular. Some of the best examples of hybrid marketing that can be found show the refreshing potential that this combo can offer to businesses. In the current business landscape, it is almost without doubt that digital marketing is reaping in customers and profits for any adept enterprise. However, traditional marketing is still far away from its demise, and in fact, still has a sturdy advantage on some marketing fronts—and this is something professionals have yet to let go of. Why Consider… Continue Reading

10 Different Approaches to Marketing (Practical Breakdown)

What makes a marketing campaign successful? Aside from the traditional metrics around traffic, conversion rate optimization, and loyalty programs, relying on the right marketing strategies by picking the most effective channel makes all the difference. There are various marketing approaches. Some tend to be more specific and complex than others, especially when it comes to expensive goods in a B2B environment. In this article, we'll review the most common marketing categories and tactical strategies marketers have to undertake to face each one of them. But first: Is Marketing Universal? Marketing is a topic too broad and diverse. Consider IT as… Continue Reading