How to Leverage Industry Experts Through Outsourcing


00:00 – What it means to leverage industry experts
00:58 – The problem with sticking to an in-house workforce
01:48 – Why agencies can get you access to several experts


You want to leverage lots of industry expertise. Now, what do I mean here?

If you hire, let’s say, a developer or a marketer or an SEO expert, or something else, like a copywriter or whatever it is—now, they probably have some industry expertise already, but if they spend four or five years at the company, which is also actually quite tricky because of retention rates. This something that lots of people are struggling with and lots of companies are struggling with also.

But let’s say this is the case, they will only focus on your business niche, business expertise, and everything related to your own business. 

This isn’t necessarily bad. That type of focus is something that can help you and is kind of expected for someone who works on your business. But the thing is, it gets really tricky to become an expert if you have a very narrow view of what happens in the surrounding ecosystem. 

Now, imagine some of the problems in the educational space. 

Most of the problems with teachers, especially trainers who practice some of the most modern skills like software engineering or marketing or law or even medicine, is they are relying on whatever they study back in the day. But if they are not practitioners, meaning that they actually work full time, or whatever they are assigned to do, and if they’re teaching something in a very dynamic industry, it means that they will probably cover some outdated knowledge because they don’t have data up to date expertise in that specific industry. 

So this may be a very common problem

And working with an agency, outsourcing to someone, a freelancer, most of the time, they work with multiple clients. We do have over 30 clients in different nations and different kinds of fields, and some of them have multiple sites and so forth. 

We do have people, lots of people we house who specialize in different fields, and we do have people employed on our end with different backgrounds and different types of businesses who can help us consult on business strategy, marketing, and monetization and growth strategy and whatnot. 

And that’s one of the reasons why I’m also offering consulting and advisory types of services—simply because it really helps me be up to date with what happens in different industries. 

Now, again, if you hire someone for a full-time role, they will only focus on your particular industry, but they won’t necessarily be up to speed with all the latest trends. 

So this one may be a drawback for you.