How to Build a Bootstrapped Product MVP (From the Ground Up)

Whether you want to launch your product business or diversify with a product MVP aligned with your service-driven company, you need a methodical approach that gets you closer to success. Building a product can be an extensive exercise consuming both time and capital. But with the right type of due diligence, this could be a streamlined process that is easy to follow and execute over the course of several months. This product guide is designed for: Service-based businesses eager to productize their services or build a separate stream of recurring revenue Consultants, coaches, freelancers interested in generating predictable revenue and… Continue Reading

The Problem With Investors And Scaling – Uber Examples

Note: I started the post a few months ago, so there may be some slightly outdated facts. I'm a great proponent of bootstrapped companies, and I've always admired successful businesses that managed to grow without taking on seed funding or various types of investment. We're in our fifth year as a team at DevriX and while we're always hesitant to get a hold of more resources and speed up our growth or launch some of our products, we're still relying on a self-growth model instead. Uber [caption id="attachment_11728" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Photo by[/caption] Uber is a great service - an alternative… Continue Reading