The Practical Guide To Marketing Yourself As A Public Speaker

Public speaking is one of the best globally recognized ways to establish yourself as an authority. But how to start your "side job" as a notable speaker at the beginning? In a contributed piece for Inc. Magazine, I shared the custom framework I apply when launching products in-house and consulting customers. Product marketing is just as applicable when you want to brand yourself. So it's time to put the theory on building an effective marketing strategy in practice with a practical case study. The "Zealot Checklist" framework could be applied in almost any context. Here's how the theory works in… Continue Reading

How Mission and Vision Statements Work

When starting a business or setting a new direction for an existing one, two guiding stars often lead the way: mission and vision statements. The mission statement is like the company's backbone, outlining its core purpose and the reason it exists. It answers the straightforward question: Why are we here? On the other hand, the vision statement is the big dream, the picture of what success looks like in the future. It's the company's north star, giving everyone a clear direction and something to strive for. Have you developed a mission statement for your company? What about a vision statement?… Continue Reading

15 Personal Branding Hacks To Boost Your Online Presence

Personal branding is the holy grail to skyrocketing your business and unlocking new opportunities for revenue generation. Developing your own brand through blogging, industry events, networking, social media activities, and email list building will boost your influence status (and bring some organic leads your way). As a strong supporter of HubSpot's inbound marketing strategy, I'm all about doing sales without actively selling which is the purpose of branding. People who invest in their own personal brand are known to have “a lot at stake” and therefore would likely be committed to whatever they undertake as a challenge. This is incredibly… Continue Reading

Employer Branding Essentials for Successful Scaling

Employer brand is the company's brand facing inwards, mostly aiming for employee retention and recruitment. Furthermore, your employer brand refers to the reputation you have built as an employer with the help of your employer value propositions.  Employer branding is the process of managing your reputation as an employer among your employees, potential hires, and even the rest of the job seekers in the market. 70% of employees say that a company is more attractive if it has clear plans for diversity and inclusion and social responsibility. - The HR Outlook This process concerns all the strategies required to position… Continue Reading

Brand Building vs Silent Building: Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Business

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the debate between brand building and silent building has ignited discussions across various platforms. As I engaged in conversations on four different podcasts this week, one central question emerged: why are many dropshippers hesitant to embrace brand building and showcase their stores? The apprehension often stems from a fear of imitation and resistance at scale. However, let's delve into the essence of both strategies to better understand their implications. The Power of Brand Building Brand Building is an artful process that involves crafting a distinct identity for your business through deliberate actions and targeted… Continue Reading

8 Reasons Why You Should Start to Build a Brand ASAP

In the 21st century, with the evolution of digital and everything else that's happening behind the scenes, and with different companies popping up, building a brand is the best way to achieve a lucrative business venture. Brand building is extremely important for various reasons. But specifically, brand building can be positively impactful in establishing your business strategy, augmenting your recruitment process, navigating new opportunities, finding new ventures, enabling great PR, and so forth.  What is brand building? Brand building is basically about generating awareness about you and your business by organizing effective campaigns and using certain strategies that consider some… Continue Reading

Building an Effective Marketing Strategy (Inbound vs. Outbound)

As a firm believer in inbound marketing, I spend a good chunk of my time in research and experiments. This is the key to building an effective marketing strategy that keeps scaling. Aside from inbound (given a HubSpot agency partner), we work with multiple publishers delivering 60M - 450M monthly page views through programmatic advertisement. The healthy mix of inbound and outbound allows us to gauge the efficiency of our campaigns and mix in some PR and brand positioning for DevriX and our long-term partners. And since marketing strategies are among the trickiest business challenges out there, here's a practical… Continue Reading

Why Brand Recognition Is A Key Metric In Measuring Marketing Campaigns

Most organizations out there have a really hard time measuring the majority of their KPIs. Their marketing approach is flat, measuring solely money in, money out. Those that keep evolving and strive to bring excellence at work act in several different ways (also contingent on industry or business size, but here’s what usually happens). Bootstrapped Companies Smaller self-funded firms are chaotic and often “hope for the best”. The smarter ones take smaller steps, speak frequently with their customers, attend industry events and form their decision-making process as a mix of all incoming opinions. They usually know of at least one… Continue Reading