Recruitment Guide for C-Level Executives

If you’re in a leadership position of your company that is struggling to find and retain top talent, this comprehensive guide is just for you. Whether your background is in tech, finances, or business administration — dive right in!

The larger your organization grows, the more critical recruitment is to managing a successful business.

Once the foundation of recurring revenue is laid out, the sales funnel works, and there’s cashflow in the bank — hiring talent is what drives the company forward. Because the business needs to scale, and scale requires people, and people should level up and understand how to operate and navigate through these new processes.

Recruitment comes with a number of specifics and I’ve conducted over 800 interviews myself (after going over 5,000+ CVs). While I’m not a professional headhunter, I’ve spent years hiring talent.

These guides should help you understand the recruitment space a bit better and acquire some individual skills to improve your recruitment success rates.

The Basics of Recruitment

Understanding the essentials of the hiring process is what truly matters when it comes to building a team

Posititve trait to seek for during interviews | intro guide on hiring employees

Intro Guide on Hiring Employees

This is the first guide in the series covering the bigger picture around recruitment, what goes into building a hiring strategy, and what it takes to successfully scale one over time.

I would recommend you to start here and fill in some gaps before moving onto the next piece.

Benefits to offer to your team members | Competitive hiring tips

Competitive Hiring Tips

Competing with giants like Google and Facebook for top talent is nearly impossible. Large corporations with their fancy offices, personal chefs, and in-campus kindergartens are understandably more appealing for industry experts.

However, hiring against the odds is still possible once you identify the key traits that the big corps don’t offer (but you can).

Finding Great Talent | Where can you find talent in your industry?

Finding Great Talent

Preparing for a suitable job post, organizing your interview schedule, and vetting potential hires — how difficult should it be? Nowadays, finding good talent is hard, but finding the right talent is even harder.

Own your recruitment process from the start to the end and start building your All-Star team.

7 consideration in building a strong team | interviewing for a-star teams

Interviewing for A-Star Teams

Building a rock solid team starts with the recruitment strategy process and proceeds straight to an interview. Your recruitment efforts should be laser-focused during the interview stage.

Are you prepared to ask the right questions? Have you identified the key traits you are seeking? What would it take to sell your company to a 10x player?

11 Aspects to Focus On to Boost Recruitment Marketing

Why do companies invest so much time and resources in recruitment marketing? Gone are the days when companies could easily go cherry-picking among hundreds of applicants. Sure, CVs are flying in all the time, but they are predominantly interns or juniors looking for a job in a different industry or field of work. Top brands invest significantly in recruitment marketing.

5 important training resources for onboarding | onboarding best practices

Onboarding Best Practices

Your recruitment efforts are pointless unless you can arrange a warm welcome for the new peers followed with a career path for the first weeks (or even months). Onboarding processes are often neglected by businesses and hiring managers feel betrayed once a new recruit leaves in a few weeks as they can’t navigate the complex internal processes.

Here’s what you need to work on in this stage.

Common Recruitment Challenges in the IT Industry

It’s indeed incredibly challenging to find good computer programmers and there are several legitimate reasons for that. Check out why hiring computer programmers is challenging.

Leveraging Human Resources

Finding top talent is challenging —  identifying it is crucial

20 Actionable Ways to Retain Top Talent

Most great hires out there are already employed for an obvious reason. Now, companies are the ones chasing after top talent and the sooner you adapt to the new hiring paradigms, the better equipped you will be to resolve employee retention problems among other challenges in recruitment.

If you want to make an effort to retain your top talent around longer, here is a list of ways that you can try out and incorporate into your company culture.

Common Traits of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs | The intrapreneurship guide

The Intrapreneurship Guide

Intrapreneurship may be your strongest assets while building teams. These mythical creatures that possess all the right skills and are still open to working for you can be the future division managers and directors, or maybe even new members of the C-Suite.

Here’s everything you need to know about intrapreneurship.

On technical writing | Steps for recruiting content marketers

Steps for Recruiting Content Marketers

Is your company looking to scale their marketing resources, double down on guides, white papers, content, guest posts, presentations? Hiring content marketers is doable, but identifying the creative type that understands business needs and fits in the larger content marketing mix is hard.

Here are the main interview questions we use for content marketing roles here.

General activities of virtual assistants | Scaling with VAs

Scaling With Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are the secret weapon of hundreds of thousands of small and mid-sized businesses out there.

Plenty of business requirements don’t necessitate a full-time worker in-house. Why not delegate this to a remote assistant trained to operate on repetitive and manual tasks?

Here’s what you need to know about virtual assistants and how to rapidly scale your business hiring one or two of them.