Recruitment Guide for C-Level Executives

If you’re in a leadership position in your company that is struggling to find and retain top talent, this comprehensive guide is just for you. Whether your background is in tech, finances, or business administration — dive right in!

Hiring Top Talent

The larger your organization grows, the more critical recruitment is to managing a successful business

Intro Guide on Hiring Employees

This is the first guide in the series covering the bigger picture around recruitment, what goes into building a hiring strategy, and what it takes to successfully scale one over time.

I would recommend you start here and fill in some gaps before moving on to the next piece.

Posititve trait to seek for during interviews | intro guide on hiring employees

Mario is a WordPress magician. From day one his impact on our business was immediate. We run a media platform with intense daily deadlines and 80+ clients to service, and we desperately needed his skill and service to continue to grow. I love Mario–because he has saved and made our company money. He’s professional, fast and I sleep well at night knowing he (via DevriX) is at the controls.

Mel Stewart

Mel Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder

Mario Peshev

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Intrapreneurship and Scaling Talent

Because the business needs to scale, and scale requires people, people should level up and understand how to operate and navigate through these new processes.

Common Traits of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs | The intrapreneurship guide

The Intrapreneurship Guide

Intrapreneurship may be your strongest asset while building teams. These mythical creatures that possess all the right skills and are still open to working for you can be the future division managers and directors, or maybe even new members of the C-Suite.

Here’s everything you need to know about intrapreneurship

I’ve been working with web design firms since the mid-90s. Mario’s firm DevriX is the best I have worked with by a wide margin. Their ability to customize high-performance WordPress sites is exceptional. They bring a spirit of collaboration to their work, as well as taking initiative on virtual project management. Mario has been very responsive and has really taken the time to understand our business model. Some of my best interactions with Mario have nothing to do with pending projects but with big picture issues and strategies we need to be thinking about. He’s offered us candid feedback which I find invaluable. A real pro to work with.

Jon Reed

Jon Reed

Co-Founder of