The Business Strategy Guide for Business Owners

First Steps into Business Planning

Business planning is an essential part of every successful business development

The Biggest Business Challenges

Growing a business is complicated and scaling a company further is contingent on solving a number of business challenges—most of those being common across all organizations out there. This is why I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the most impactful business challenges companies have to deal with.

I’ve also prepared a downloadable mind map showcasing this list.

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Mario is a WordPress magician. From day one his impact on our business was immediate. We run a media platform with intense daily deadlines and 80+ clients to service, and we desperately needed his skill and service to continue to grow. I love Mario–because he has saved and made our company money. He’s professional, fast and I sleep well at night knowing he (via DevriX) is at the controls.

Mel Stewart

Mel Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder

Mario Peshev

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Building a Successful Business Strategy

There are countless ways to approach a rising business problem but which one is the best?

8 Reasons Why You Should Start to Build a Brand ASAP

In the 21st century, with the evolution of digital and everything else that’s happening behind the scenes, and with different companies popping up, building a brand is the best way to achieve a lucrative business venture. Brand building is extremely important for various reasons. If you have not started building your brand yet, then here are the eight main reasons why you need to invest in branding now.

I’ve been working with web design firms since the mid-90s. Mario’s firm DevriX is the best I have worked with by a wide margin. Their ability to customize high-performance WordPress sites is exceptional. They bring a spirit of collaboration to their work, as well as taking initiative on virtual project management. Mario has been very responsive and has really taken the time to understand our business model. Some of my best interactions with Mario have nothing to do with pending projects but with big picture issues and strategies we need to be thinking about. He’s offered us candid feedback which I find invaluable. A real pro to work with.

Jon Reed

Jon Reed

Co-Founder of

Communication in the Workplace

Communication is the root of almost every business situation.

Workplace Communication Strategies

Mastering the craft of effective communication may save you lots of headaches, especially when your team is growing fast. In fact, every third additional hire to your team will likely cause communication problems leading to an efficiency drop. Knowing different communication techniques and the ability to quickly switch between them whenever a situation is raising, advocates for a higher level of management skills.

We hired Mario on an emergency training/consulting job for 3 weeks and he was simply superb! He was polite, punctual, responsive, and very effective in a Job with Aramco Oil. I will hire him again and will expect nothing less than the best.

Raymond Friedman

CEO & President of Mile2

Consulting for Business Advancement

Receiving valuable pieces of advice on a weekly basis is crucial for scaling your business.

How to find a business consultant

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Consultant for Business Growth

Consultants “can” be instrumental to a business. But since consultancy is broadly irregulated, everyone can update their LinkedIn headline and start a consulting career out of nowhere. Here’s your guide to hiring a consultant for business growth.