Business Strategy

The Business Strategy Guide for Business Owners

If you’re a founder or a co-founder of a growing company, or you’re just involved in the corporate business planning, this guide will provide you with easy but highly efficient ways to scale your organization towards growth.

Making strategic business decisions without the right preparation can tank your company. Business development strategists, as well as SME and small business consultants online or in-house, can rely on this collection of strategies as a great resource kit for handling various business problems. This also helps business owners and leaders alike to develop more knowledgeable leaders and design better workflows that are easy to follow, and most importantly, data-driven and ROI-oriented.

First Steps into Business Planning

Business planning is an essential part of every successful business development.

The Biggest Business Challenges

Growing a business is complicated and scaling a company further is contingent on solving a number of business challenges—most of those being common across all organizations out there. This is why I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the most impactful businesses challenges that companies have to deal with. I’ve also prepared a downloadable mind map showcasing this list.

The Backbone of Your Business

“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” Having it figured out in your head is one thing, having it written down in a structured manner – a business plan is another. Here’s what you need to know about the “importance of the bigger picture”

Lessons Learned from Running a Business

A massive entrepreneurial trend is caused by popular unicorn startups. But are you prepared to take the risks that it comes with? Are you able to solve complex problems that have never been solved before? How much do you know about customer relationships and marketing your ideas? Check out my comprehensive list of things you should be aware of before heading on your next business journey.

Getting Things Started [Checklist]

While success stories are heavily promoted by media, people are usually smart enough to realize the fact that success doesn’t come easy. Starting a business is no unchartered territory – almost every inch of it has already been conquered. But there are certain things you need to cover when starting your journey.

Creating a Complete Business Plan

Every startup, bootstrapped or not, needs to validate its business idea, if they don’t want to fall into the category “90% startups fail within the first three years”. Understanding the business landscape won’t come from day one but you don’t need to spend years while trying to build something that nobody needs. Here’s how to create a business plan and validate your idea.f

Understanding the B2B Sales Process

Working with corporate clients demands a deeper understanding of business operations and how the hierarchy in an organization can work in your favor. Knowing who to pitch whenever you have a proposition for a potential business partner can help you to take the next step—getting into negotiations.

Focus, Niche Down, and Skyrocket Your Business

Selling to businesses locally or internationally usually entails selling services or products. Services are different. If you offer a wide range of services for different audiences, you need to niche down.

How to Grow Your Business With Thought Leadership Content

If you are among those who want to learn how to become an authentic thought leader and achieve real growth as an authority in your industry, these reasons should compel you to go for the path of thought leadership.

How to Generate Content Topic Ideas (23 Tips for Headline Inspiration)

Many of the resources on my blog here (which I started 3 years ago) have been referenced and even taught at 15+ universities across North America, Europe, and Asia—and I keep growing the content database steadily over time. Here’s the practical yet diverse framework I use to generate topic and headline ideas on a consistent basis.

Building a Successful Business Strategy

There are countless ways to approach a rising business problem but which one is the best?

8 Reasons Why You Should Start to Build a Brand ASAP

In the 21st century, with the evolution of digital and everything else that’s happening behind the scenes, and with different companies popping up, building a brand is the best way to achieve a lucrative business venture. Brand building is extremely important for various reasons. If you have not started building your brand yet, then here are the eight main reasons why you need to invest in branding now.

Employer Branding Essentials for Successful Scaling

Employer brand is the company’s brand facing inwards, mostly aiming for employee retention and recruitment. Furthermore, your employer brand refers to the reputation you have built as an employer with the help of your employer value propositions. Employer branding is the process of managing your reputation as an employer among your employees, potential hires, and even the rest of the job seekers in the market.

How to Align Your Business Strategy Based on Client Feedback

Client feedback is one of your most important weapons to design a bullet-proof business strategy that scales. However, it is not necessarily a trivial process, which is why we are going to break it down into separate steps. Initially, we are going to start with some preparations or essentially, outline some ways how to approach gathering feedback. In terms of actionable items, let’s look into certain areas where we can act better, collect more information, be more vigilant, and adapt our strategy accordingly. 

Considerations for Rapidly Growing Companies

Creating a fantastic work culture is mandatory for scaling your business towards growth. This includes hiring the right people for your organization, working with a consultant to help you scale the team even further. Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of your employees plays a big role in promoting constant innovation and supplementary expanding your network.

Risk Management for Stable Growth

Successful risk management is yet another crucial element of your business strategy. Learning how to manage the risk and extract the maximum potential from it support your organization in keeping up with the constantly changing landscape of the market. These 10 risk management techniques will give you a competitive advantage and ensure stable growth for your company.

Is Your Business Safe? (15 Operational Questions)

The last recession has put almost all businesses to the test. Some were hit really hard especially the hospitality and travel industries, along with brick and mortar. A few made some decent profits like pharmacy and home delivery services. But everyone else was partially hit or still struggles to make a living in these uncertain times. Let’s sit down and think through the 15 questions you need to answer and reflect on to ensure that your business is safe.

Working With Clients Overseas

The reasons advocating for targeting foreign markets for higher profits are countless. Why? The US market is already oversaturated, resulting in a furious race with your competition. Now, imagine you relocate all of the resources you’re spending on trying to keep up with the never-ending change and invest them into a new market with higher demand that you can actually suffice.

Working with Remote Employees for Business Advantage

Hiring responsible remote workers is a craft, but limiting your workforce only to local candidates means you’re missing a big opportunity. Finding outstanding remote talent is challenging but managing a remote team requires a wide set of different communication and management techniques in your inventory.

7 Phases of Running A Freelance Business

There are 7 phases of running a freelance business that you need to know in order to successfully grow and scale further. In this article, we are going to discuss the key areas to focus on during these critical phases.

Is Business Process Outsourcing Growing in 2021?

I’m not going to fool you or mislead you. BPO is still going to grow and is still going to expand in 2021 for multiple reasons, even though remote working is now more popular than ever.

Why Clients Shouldn’t Ask for Discounts and How Companies Should Handle Negotiations

Haggling for a lower price is so common that it could even get very challenging to tell the truth from the usual bargain. However, it should rarely be the problem of the salesman, business owner, or entrepreneur. Most of the time, it is the prospect’s problem. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should not ask for discounts as a customer and how you should handle price negotiations as a company.

Communication in the Workplace

Communication is the root of almost every business situation.

Workplace Communication Strategies

Mastering the craft of effective communication may save you lots of headaches, especially when your team is growing fast. In fact, every third additional hire to your team will likely cause communication problems leading to an efficiency drop. Knowing different communication techniques and the ability to quickly switch between them whenever a situation is raising, advocates for a higher level of management skills.

8 Specific Tips to Work Around Business Meetings

Most people are really quick to organize business meetings. They schedule meetings for everything and make a meeting endless which is a no-no in the enterprise world. To help you, let me share with you eight specific tips to work around business meetings.

8 Reasons Why Setting Up a Meeting Is a Must

Let’s discuss the other considerations you should have when setting up a meeting instead of having email conversations or discussing in Slack, or in any other business communication platform.

8 Key Tips for Creating a Positive Work Culture

Creating a positive work culture is a critical element in the success of any company. In fact, 94% of business executives and 88% of employees surveyed believe that a distinct corporate culture is critical to the success of a business. Your culture at work can have a huge impact on the performance of your employees and the overall goals of the company.

The Bredogenerator for an Improved Communication

I’ve always believed that continues learning is the key to achieving success in each and every part of our lives and since communication is a core element of every every process out there, constantly improving your communication skills is a strategy having big impact on your team. The Bredogenerator is a balanced way to do so, including equal training of logical and creative parts of the brain.

Consulting for Business Advancement

Receiving valuable pieces of advice on a weekly basis is crucial for scaling your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Consultant for Business Growth

Consultants “can” be instrumental to a business. But since consultancy is broadly irregulated, everyone can update their LinkedIn headline and start a consulting career out of nowhere. Here’s your guide to hiring a consultant for business growth.

Find and Vet Consultants | How to find a business consultant

The Guide to Finding the Right Consultant

Finding the right consultant for your specific business needs can be a challenging endeavor, especially within the pool full of MBA graduates with little to no actual business experience who are offering consulting on the side.

Knowing how to distinguish a real professional from a rookie will save you lots of time and money.

Benefits of Working with a Digital Consultant

Digital consultants fill the gap between a business plan and its implementation. They can design global short-term and long-term digital strategies with a focus on complementary solutions providing you with deeper market knowledge coming from an experienced industry leader. Who doesn’t want to receive the right advice at the right time?

11 Questions to Ask a Business Consultant

It’s easy to find a business consultant. There are more than 600,000 management consultants in the United States alone. Here are some of the ways you can find one.

18 Ways to Receive Maximum Value From Consulting and Mentoring Sessions

After 15 years of mentoring and 10 years of consulting, I have prepared this actionable guide that will help you to receive maximum value the next time you meet someone you want to use as a source of inspiration or advice.

How Much Does a Business Consultant Cost: Consulting Fees and Pricing Structure

Consulting fees and pricing can be structured in several ways. But like in most businesses offering services, the number one challenge is pricing their offers.

Top 10 Business Advisor Skills Your Company Can Benefit From

Gaining experience is not a solo adventure, and learning from the best is a shortcut that many people underuse. Here are the top 10 business advisor skills that your company can benefit from.

11 Types of Small Business Advisors

If you’re looking to solve some of the most common business challenges, I’ve prepared a list with the most common types of business advisors that companies refer to in times of need.