Why Do Digital Marketers Screw Up When Working In B2B?

Why do traditional marketers screw up in a B2B setting? After conducting 200+ interviews with B2C marketers running eCommerce or low-ticket SaaS, I prepared a quick outline of B2B marketing and what makes it different. As a HubSpot agency partner and a programmatic advertising partner scaling enormous publishers, we know how different the entire strategy is, especially as we are selling $50K - $300K solutions all the time. Our larger contracts are way into the 7 figures as well. And regardless of whether you're hiring marketers or looking to grow into your marketing role, you have to start with the… Continue Reading

Content Marketing Lessons for 2024

What are the top content marketing lessons we've learned in 2023 that will get us through 2024?  Well, we've been dealing with content marketing for over a decade now, and the industry is evolving so quickly that sometimes SEO is king, sometimes it's, social media, or PPC, or something else. Things are evolving really fast and different channels work at certain times. But in a nutshell, producing high-quality content is still the most important thing that matters to three of my companies. This is the reason why we're spending so much time working with customers and working on ourselves, and… Continue Reading

Maximizing The Benefits Of Evergreen Content

As a consumer (or a prospect), I don’t respond to sales calls well. Intrusive advertisement is a lot less effective than educational content, answering questions to problems I’m realistically struggling with, and leading me through a journey I find easier to pass through than doing all of the due diligence myself. This is why I’d rather educate and inform and let customers make their own minds. As a result, our sales pipeline has been entirely inbound-farmed for over 5 years now. This includes business for my core company, my consulting business, and two other ventures I’ve been working on. Content… Continue Reading

Data-Driven Strategies for Effective Content Development

In the current digital age, creating content is crucial for attracting and engaging the audience, establishing a brand, and driving business growth. However, the content creation landscape is constantly changing, and now calling for another paradigm shift in how we approach it. Blog postings and other static, one-way communication pieces were a common focus of traditional content development methods. Although these strategies had some success, it was believed that they were non-interactive and ineffective in engaging audiences.  The limitations of traditional strategies also became clear as consumer behaviors and technology advanced. The challenge for content creators was to stand out… Continue Reading

How to Transition to Account-Based Marketing

The B2B marketing landscape is experiencing a profound transformation. The era of broad, indiscriminate campaigns is fading, replaced by a new paradigm of precision and personalization.  At the forefront of this shift is Account-Based Marketing, a strategy that has quickly risen from a niche tactic to a central pillar of B2B marketing strategy.  This article delves into the essence of ABM, explores the reasons behind its surge in popularity, and outlines the best practices for implementing an effective ABM strategy. What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? ABM is a strategic marketing approach that diverges from traditional lead-centric marketing by focusing on… Continue Reading

Email Marketing and the Art of Email List Building

What remains to be a highly effective and lucrative digital marketing channel, email marketing continues to dominate many of today’s digital marketing strategies. This year alone, 347.3 billion emails are forecasted to be sent and received per day worldwide. Come 2025, there will be 4.6 billion email users around the world. We have long gone past the discussion on whether you must invest in email marketing or not.  There await massive returns for those who will be able to navigate email marketing successfully. In fact, email marketing is expected to generate around $36 for every $1 spent on it. In… Continue Reading

The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Blog’s Search Engine Ranking with Regular Updates

Are you looking for ways to improve your blog ranking? Do you spend hours crafting high-quality content, only to find that it's not being seen by your target audience? If the answer is yes, then you're not alone. Many bloggers struggle to improve their website's visibility in search engines.  Fortunately, there are some simple strategies you can use to increase your ranking, and one of the most effective is to update your blog regularly. In this article, we'll provide you with a definitive guide to improving your blog's search engine ranking with regular updates. Whether you're new to blogging or… Continue Reading

10 Different Approaches to Marketing (Practical Breakdown)

What makes a marketing campaign successful? Aside from the traditional metrics around traffic, conversion rate optimization, and loyalty programs, relying on the right marketing strategies by picking the most effective channel makes all the difference. There are numerous marketing approaches depending on the marketing outlook you want to disect. Some tend to be more specific and complex than others, especially regarding expensive goods in a B2B environment. And more importantly - they fluctuate over time. When PPC is affordable and everyone plays the paid media game, the market gets oversaturated and expensive, rerouting strategies to demand generation, social media, SEO,… Continue Reading

Will AI Kill IT/Marketing Jobs?

In recent times, the question of whether Artificial Intelligence will replace human jobs, particularly in Information Technology and Marketing, has been a hot topic of discussion. This discourse has been fueled by the advent of powerful AI models such as ChatGPT, which have stirred up a myriad of debates and concerns. While these concerns are understandable given the potential of AI, it is important to delve into the matter more deeply and objectively. Is this fear of job loss justified? Or is AI, despite its power and potential, still a long way from being the job-killing monster it's sometimes depicted… Continue Reading

Social Power and Blogging

One of my Bulgarian friends just posted a presentation for her university students and friends here about blogging. One of her slides includes a powerful rephrasing of a famous quote that I love. Blogging and sharing your own thoughts and ideas via social media networks is a powerful way to build your network, reach out to people and aggregate the type of content that you need in a quick and efficient way, without having to browse thousands of sources. This communication method enhances your visibility and helps establish your expertise and authority in your field. Ultimately, leveraging these platforms for sharing and… Continue Reading