On WordPress Development Retainers

With over 40 people working at DevriX right now, we have revised our service solutions and focused on promoting a type of service that combines our recurring revenue goal with iterative development solutions for some of our clients. While we do provide maintenance services, we realized that a development retainer would be incredibly useful for most of our leads. This month we've started a new WordPress development retainer and signed a discovery session for another large one coming next month. There are a few more in our pipeline which our sales rep is looking into, sharing our process with our prospects and getting some valuable feedback for… Continue Reading

The Lifecycle Of An Entrepreneur

The most genuine disappointment from entrepreneurship I’ve seen myself were former full-time employees who used to work in large corporations. Transitioning from corporate roles to entrepreneurship often leads to unmet expectations and disappointment. In large corporations, roles are defined, resources abundant, and predictability high. Employees focus on specific functions without worrying about the bigger picture or the bottom line. The responsibility can overwhelm those used to shared accountability in corporate settings. The skill set for entrepreneurship differs from specialized corporate roles. Sales, networking, and general management are often new challenges for former corporate employees. The shift from a structured, resource-rich… Continue Reading

Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs – Should You Launch a Startup Now?

Are you aspiring to become an entrepreneur and run your own business someday? If so, what have you been doing to prepare for the challenges that come with running a business and the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur? The recent recession has accelerated the professional growth for many who now lack the opportunity to join a promising organization as interns or juniors. The creative folks have persevered and identified progressive opportunities worth exploring to generate some revenue and possibly land a full-time career in entrepreneurship. With the job market being competitive and uncertain, some individuals have decided to… Continue Reading

Internet Marketing For Startups – Outsourcing vs. Building Teams

Internet marketing is one of the many online disciplines that don’t require education, certification, or any type of entry point that comes with the right background or experience. The same goes for content marketing, web design, web development, advertising, PR - you name it. It’s not the same for medical professionals and lawyers - which is why we don’t deal with these problems in the first place. Sure, some are better and more experienced than others, but you know that they’ve studied hard and gone to some of the best medical or law schools in order to land a job in the first… Continue Reading

How to Create a Business Plan (for Startups)

Young entrepreneurs often forget an important step before launching a startup: creating their business plan. Implementing a website itself is trivial—everyone can spin off a Wix or Weebly website in a matter of minutes and publish it live, even with a rough business plan drafted quickly upfront. While a website might be easy to set up, a well-crafted business plan is the foundation for a thriving startup. It provides the clarity, focus, and roadmap you need to navigate the exciting, yet challenging, journey ahead. Remember, even the most captivating storefront needs a solid structure behind it – and a strong… Continue Reading

Effective Hiring Tips (For Startups And Growing Teams)

There are fast-paced startups where execution is mission-critical. Then, there are the startups relying on an ongoing and regular business model - think of manufacturing or an ongoing type of activity that could easily take 60–80 hours a week. The ideal team for an ongoing operations startup might look different from the passionate, equity-focused model. While shared vision remains crucial, qualities like resilience, operational excellence, and a commitment to long-term growth become paramount. Attracting and retaining talent for this type of startup requires a different approach. In other instances, freelancing may be a great model for a lean startup. The beginning… Continue Reading

5 Key Components to Tick Off Your Checklist When Starting A Business

Starting a business is no uncharted territory – almost every inch of it has already been conquered. But not everyone was able to write a successful conquest; most of those who tried failed. For there is a universal truth behind the stories of those who were fortunate: success doesn’t come easy. There are a ton of things businesspeople considered before they laid the first brick of their empire. But there are some things most people tend to overlook that can actually become cornerstones for success. What are the key components you must consider when starting a business? 1. Overcoming Fears… Continue Reading

How Remote Teams Work Together

Working remotely is about mutual trust. It’s the same as assessing the security of your home, the reliability of your office job, or the viability of your relationship. It's about creating an ecosystem where both parties can operate securely, reliably, and respectfully. Employers and employees must mutually invest in this ecosystem, recognizing that their actions or inactions can significantly impact each other. If you don’t care, you’ll lose. If you stress over it too much, something seems fishy and you may get burned again. I am a proponent of remote working in theory. And I’ve managed to build a team… Continue Reading

How to Start an LLC in the U.S. – Complete Guide for Non-residents

Starting a business in the United States is like setting sail on a thrilling voyage, where the horizon is adorned with possibilities of growth and triumph. But if you're a non-U.S. citizen, you might find yourself pondering whether the rewards of starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) are within your reach. The reassuring news is that the doors to LLC ownership have been widely opened to non-U.S. citizens of the country thanks to innovative businesses like doola! Picture yourself standing at the crossroads, with New York's vibrant markets beckoning on one side and Silicon Valley's innovation hubs on the other.… Continue Reading

Sales And Business Development Tips For Tech Companies

Software engineers often think about starting a web development business of their own. We may be talking about a traditional senior software developer working on a product after hours. No exposure to marketing, sales, and business development tasks at work. Traditional Computer Science degree. Complete focus on software engineering. Products Don't Sell Themselves They launch a product and probably sell through their own network or social media accounts. A couple of developers join the team, assisting with additional features, maintenance, and deployments. Have you started your own business as an engineer (or considered founding one)? The beginning is always tough - you… Continue Reading