What Makes Running a Digital Publication a Lucrative Business Venture

I’m going to divide up the success model into smaller chunks that could be reviewed separately. A successful and profitable business venture of digital publication requires two main elements: TrafficA business model that allows for monetization In terms of traffic, the main reason people visit websites in the first place is content. This could include different forms: Blog postsEducational articlesA membership platform, forum, or another engagement engineInfographicsWhitepapersResearch studiesPodcast episodesEbooks That said, why would people subscribe to or even browse a website regularly in order to facilitate profitability in the long run? Let's Talk About Revenue “Revenue” is a subjective term… Continue Reading

The Practical Guide To Marketing Yourself As A Public Speaker

Public speaking is one of the best globally recognized ways to establish yourself as an authority. But how to start your "side job" as a notable speaker at the beginning? In a contributed piece for Inc. Magazine, I shared the custom framework I apply when launching products in-house and consulting customers. Product marketing is just as applicable when you want to brand yourself. So it's time to put the theory on building an effective marketing strategy in practice with a practical case study. The "Zealot Checklist" framework could be applied in almost any context. Here's how the theory works in… Continue Reading

Content Marketing And The Future Of Audio/Video

Content marketing is basically a form of marketing that is focused on producing and distributing content online to target a specific audience. Businesses employ content marketing to attract attention and generate leads expand their customer base increase brand awareness or credibility engage an online community of users generate or increase online sales I consider content marketing a crucial part of my main job. It helps with branding, partnerships, community resources, accessible content for my team, educational pieces for new candidates, sales material, and a PR powerhouse. Even if it takes 50% of my time, its compound power is generally worth… Continue Reading

Building a WordPress Website

With 2.5 billion people using Internet over the world (and counting) positioning a business online is crucial. Picking the right solution for your business website is just as important, as it would determine different factors, such as: the cost of building a website the ease of maintenance and extensibility availability in terms of experts being able to create and extend the platform in time available resources for the look or functionality Why WordPress? WordPress has been available for 10 years now and unlike many platforms, it's user base has been growing with time. With approximately 70 million websites based on WordPress… Continue Reading