Website Optimization: Ranking Higher On Google With Less Content

While I'm a proponent of Inbound Marketing (and produce loads of long-form content), this isn't necessarily the "holy grail" of website optimization and ranking a website on page 1. Why? Even though Google's algorithm for ranking content strongly emphasizes quality, which often correlates with the depth and comprehensiveness of an article. Long-form content, which usually exceeds 1,000 or even 2,000 words, has the space to explore topics in greater detail that allows for more nuanced arguments, better-substantiated claims, and a more comprehensive range of perspectives or solutions to a problem. Additionally, long-form content often includes other elements that Google values,… Continue Reading

Guest Blogging: 9 Lessons For Effective Outreach

Guest blogging (also referred to as "guest posting") is the process of content production for a third-party source for the sake of receiving brand recognition, a backlink, or a different PR-related benefit. Publishing content to external sources has been around since forever. Websites like Huffington Post or Business 2 Community largely grew and survived primarily thanks to loyal contributors associated with their brands. Guest blogging is one of the most viable concepts to build authority and recognition for your own work, tap into an existing community, improve your content writing skills by working with professional editors, and build a diverse… Continue Reading