Building a WordPress Website

With 2.5 billion people using Internet over the world (and counting) positioning a business online is crucial. Picking the right solution for your business website is just as important, as it would determine different factors, such as:

  • the cost of building a website
  • the ease of maintenance and extensibility
  • availability in terms of experts being able to create and extend the platform in time
  • available resources for the look or functionality

Why WordPress?

WordPress has been available for 10 years now and unlike many platforms, it’s user base has been growing with time. With approximately 70 million websites based on WordPress both business owners and technical experts have been exploring the platform capabilities, working together to build a great portfolio of websites, adding extensible modules and templates for users to start with and fine tune accordingly.

WordPress has been mature enough and large corporations have been relying on it for years now. Among the notable users one could find: The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, eBay, Sony, The Rolling Stones,, Mashable and many more.

Can I edit my WordPress website?

WordPress is a fully-featured CMS platform (CMS stands for Content Management System). The administrator of the website is able to write blog posts or news, moderate comments, create additional users (when needed) and manage the look-and-feel or functionality through themes and plugins.

The platform has been designed for extensibility – one could install extra features from within the admin panel adding valuable functionality for social media management, product handling, easier interaction with users, news management and so on.

How can I update the look of my WordPress website?

Themes are the core concept in WordPress for template management. Various sources have been offering free or premium themes with unique vision for creative or business projects, utilizing modern concepts such as responsive and mobile-friendly design, latest trends in the user experience world, enhanced SEO optimization for better ranking in Google etc.

There are practically no limitations in WordPress regarding the outlook of a website compared to any other platform.

What sort of functionality could I add to WordPress?

WordPress websites could be extended via plugins. Depending on the site requirements, one could add additional features for: social sharing (to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), playlist handling from YouTube, newsletter management, eCommerce shop, form wizards. There are tens of thousands of plugins, free of cost or for a small fee. Some of them are meant to be used by developers or website builders to facilitate the building process or optimize the resources for building projects for a client.

Expert WordPress developers are confident enough to build complex custom plugins when needed. Financial calculators or forms for calculating interest rates, migration or synchronization plugins for communication with other platforms – you name it.

How much would it cost to get a website done in WordPress?

There are two main groups of costs for a website built on the top of WordPress:

  • hosting and domain – a place to keep your website available online 24/7 and a name for your website 
  • development services

Depending on your business, the hosting costs would vary (larger project with a large visitors base require higher class servers). Hosting vendors such as SiteGround offer both low-cost end solutions for small users and managed WordPress hosting solutions with improved server configuration and parameters for security and speed.

Can I improve my Google rankings with a WordPress website?

WordPress has been optimized for SEO in it’s core. Building a proper WordPress theme or using a premium solution, combining with a SEO plugin such as Yoast’s SEO plugin and hosting on a reliable and optimized WordPress hosting plan would boost up your position in front of Google, Bing and other major search engines which would result in better results in Google.

In essence…

There is no reason not to pick WordPress for your business website. If you are still interested in specific features or design constraints for your website, contact me and I will reply back with a free quick reply (up to 2 sentences) regarding the WordPress use in your scenario.

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