August 23, 2011 Consulting

Hourly Rates, Amount Of Work And Availability

Note: This essay is not always applicable while some projects definitely demand a straight work schedule, reporting and collaboration between the team members. However it reflects the majority of projects and clients out there in the wild. As an employer I prefer to charge on a project basis. It’s easier to plan my budgets and

August 21, 2011 Development

5 Things I Don’t Like About WishList Member

Almost a year ago we started developing a web project for a client on a social networking basis. This was actually the second similar project for the past 2 years as we have also designed a dating site and the latter solution was a social networks with custom profiles and more. There were a few

August 12, 2011 Community

Theme submission steps – presentation

The WPORG theme reviewers’ mailing list got an interesting email from Chip where he shared an awesome SlideShare presentation. The reviewers are volunteers and they help each other with technical and philosophical questions on the WordPress platform, best practices designing and structuring a theme or a framework, obsolete and modern functions, security and more. It’s

August 2, 2011 Development

Hook Interceptor and Logger

A client of mine has hired me to fix the workflow of his assignment that included a social network plugin, custom premium theme and few other plugins + the existing work of his coder. All this mess took me 3 hours to navigate through and see what happens. In addition to this – the social

August 1, 2011 Development

How to start a WordPress project?

There are tons of themes available – free or premium – and lots of theme markets for premium resources. I even mentioned a script for running your own theme market – that’s how popular it got recently. Anyway, as a WordPress developer and consultant I try to select the best options for my clients. And

July 16, 2011 Development

WordPress custom pagination

When designing a theme pagination is required for listing of posts on the index page. WordPress, by default, presents only the ability of one to use “Previous page” and “Next page” – which might be enough to navigate through the archives but is however incomplete and annoying. The standard navigation has <<, >> and numbers

July 14, 2011 Development

Post formats

Post formats have been introduced to WordPress in version 3.1. This is an innovative way for WordPress user to simulate Tumblr behavior and use the oldest “Post” feature in the platform to post quotes, links, images and other formats with different formatting. In order for one to design specific image or quote behavior we used

June 16, 2011 Community

Interview With ThemeForest Author Slobodan Kustrimovic – WPCanyon

  Hello everyone, today we will discuss the hot topics on the Internet and specifically the WordPress platform and some premium hints from the ThemeForest market presented by one of the authors there – Slobodan Kustrimovic (a.k.a. wpcanyon). He is an expert in the WP world and has published few themes on ThemeForest and currently

June 10, 2011 Development

JMockit Quick Tutorial and Revelation

JMockit is a powerful mocking framework in Java that provides extended functionality that goes beyond the capabilities of all other solutions on the market so far. While most mocking frameworks are proxy based and depend on Reflection to hide the dependent behavior, JMockit falls further and deeper with solving some critical problems such as mocking

November 13, 2010 Development

Some Hate Over Cake’s i18n

I’m really fond of CakePHP’s principles, but I’m too tired of its i18n features. For some reason internationalization, although one of the really major requirements for every framework or CMS, is implemented poorly in most of the systems I’ve worked with. Django had few disadvantages (but few strong points as well) with its django-multilingual, and