Interview With ThemeForest Author Slobodan Kustrimovic – WPCanyon

Hello everyone, today we will discuss the hot topics on the Internet and specifically the WordPress platform and some premium hints from the ThemeForest market presented by one of the authors there - Slobodan Kustrimovic (a.k.a. wpcanyon). He is an expert in the WP world and has published few themes on ThemeForest and currently working on a new framework in his passion to constantly improve the quality and usability of his products. ---------------- M: Hi Slobodan and thanks for your time. How are the things going on your side? S: Hi Mario. Can't complain, everything is great at the moment.… Continue Reading

Sass in 5 – slides from OpenFest 2012

I had a lightning talk about Sass over the weekend at the largest open source conference on the Balkans - OpenFest. We've been using it in the past few projects and the improvement in the CSS code design is remarkable. Sass in 5 from Mario Peshev Sass is pretty handy when comes to a CSS file resulting in more than 100 LoC. It's always room for improvement, unnecessary copy-paste (due to the lack of reusability here and there) and Sass leverages this by adding an extra layer of 'programming concepts' on the top, such as variables, conditionals, loops, extending snippets (or including… Continue Reading

Mind Your JavaScript on

My "Mind your JavaScript" talk from WordCamp Oslo last month is now live on Special props to @koop for his JavaScript talk from 2011 and his work on the gallery feature for 3.5. Note: the talk doesn't make much sense without the slides but unfortunately the video couldn't focus on both the speakers and the screen at the same time. Continue Reading

Talking WordPress Retainers and Selling to SMEs With Curtis McHale

My friend Curtis has been innovating in the sales and marketing space for WordPress consulting for years, and he's literally just started selling his latest book "Finding and Marketing To your Niche". His content is top-notch and I've personally been following his blog closely for quite some time now. That said, we've been talking with Curtis on business and marketing strategies, and I joined his podcast "The Smart Business Show" in order to share more nuggets from our own philosophy at DevriX and what drives us to focus exclusively on ongoing WordPress retainers. For us, implementation wasn't really the problem; it was… Continue Reading

WordPress Developers hangout recording with Pippin and Franz

We just ended the first official WordPress Developers community hangout recorded live with Franz Kaiser and Pippin Williamson, available here: It's been fun hangin' out with both Pippin and Franz, it's always inspiring to have a chat with fellow contributors. In the interview we're discussing different topics, such as: work styles - clients work vs. selling products modular plugins history of development (how did Franz and Pippin started) helpful tools and functions the community contributing in various ways - code is just one of them! If you're into the online shows that we plan, we're discussing the next… Continue Reading

Recommended WP hostings – Podcast

Recently I found a research on WP hosting providers by WPShout - . It is a pretty good review and I have used servers from most of the hosting providers listed there so I decided that this could be my next podcast. In this review I'm going through the list from the site summarizing what is the overall experience from people reading the WPShout site and adding my 2 cents to the big picture. If you wonder what's the cosiest cavern for your WordPress systems, you should definitely check this out. [podcast][/podcast] Continue Reading

WordCamp Bucharest – Tips for Enterprise WordPress Projects

I spent the weekend at Bucharest attending the local WordCamp -- a wonderful event made possible thanks to passionate organizers and volunteers, top-notch speakers, generous sponsors, and the Romanian WordPress community! [caption id="attachment_13239" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] WordPress enterprise tips at WordCamp Bucharest[/caption] The topic of my presentation was "Tips for Enterprise WordPress Projects". I did a quick survey before filling out the form, assessing the topics that some local peers would be eager to hear about. Enterprise-grade WordPress applications and large organizations using WordPress were among the most cited ones. And here's the summary of the talk: Decide if enterprises are… Continue Reading

Dealing With Bullies And Dominance Behavior

I stumbled upon a video called "How to Stop A Bully" by Brooks Gibbs today while surfing through LinkedIn. Here's the original version: Now, Gibbs shares a number of valuable lessons during his research. Bullying is also called a "Dominance Behavior" by psychologists or establishing a state of power over other human beings. The most common mistake is responding out of anger. As soon as you fall for it, you've lost the bullying game. Bullying In Nature Bullying is extremely popular across all ages, jobs, locations, situations, and places. It starts as early as kindergarten throughout school, jobs, and family gatherings.… Continue Reading

Shortcut to the WordPress Community for Beginners

Last week Siobhan wrote a very thorough and comprehensive article regarding the WordPress Community. People who are just stepping on the WordPress ground have a hard time figuring out where to start, how to get better and furthermore how to give back to a project. Luckily, the continuous work on the community-related groups is leading to handbooks, helping theme and plugin developers, as well as contributors; the Codex provides tutorials and function references, there are meetup groups for WordPress folks. Different divisions are accepting volunteers for important and yet not that obvious tasks such as UX work, mobile, proper and standardized… Continue Reading

WordPress Blogging Challenge – 3 Times a Week

It's no secret that WordPress started as a blogging platform and there are tens of millions of blogs out there. Even though most of us do WordPress design/development for a living, blogging was what introduced us to the platform in the first place but given the busy daily schedule of work tasks, calls/chats and social networks, we tend to neglect it. I miss writing I miss writing. I used to do it a few times a week, writing in several blogs of mine - sharing daily facts or code snippets, or useful links I found, announcing events, summarizing conferences and… Continue Reading