5 Reasons Why Multitasking Actually Works (And Supplements Focus Mode)

Multitasking is a habit of many people who want to get many things done at a time.  More specifically, according to the American Psychology Association, multitasking is done by performing at least two tasks simultaneously, switching from one task to another, and working on two or more tasks speedily. But, it is easy to get distracted, tap into your favorite social media, watch YouTube videos, get on the phone with a colleague or a friend, and forget about the core tasks you were supposed to work on. These distractions can negatively affect your focus, meaning that the quality of your… Continue Reading

11 Better Ways to Manage Teams Without Tedious Meetings

As a firm evangelist of the values of asynchronous communications, I’m strongly opinionated when it comes to meetings. Meetings are not all evil. I’ve covered some workarounds for meetings (when necessary) and several reasons to set up a meeting. But beyond that, meeting creep is so prevalent—especially in the context of remote/hybrid environments—that productivity and work satisfaction are almost non-existent right now.  According to a study led by Microsoft, virtual meeting hours increased by 252 percent. As a result, today’s experts (including me), are full of suggestions for improving meetings or simply how to avoid them. In the coming 3… Continue Reading

10 Time Management Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is both a state of mind that entails many personal and professional traits and a way of life that requires a lot of balance and time management.  Being able to launch, execute, grow, and scale a business is an intellectual exercise involving a lot of research, networking, planning, business strategy, marketing, sales, and a number of related activities. As a result, entrepreneurs have to jump between tasks, hop on calls, attend events, and be extra careful with each and every decision for their business endeavors.  This constant juggling act can significantly benefit from the insights provided in "The Chimp… Continue Reading

8 Specific Tips to Work Around Business Meetings

Time is money. Time lost means money lost. Time wasted means money wasted.  One of the leading causes behind businesses losing and wasting a lot of time and money is the amount of time they spend in business meetings. Middle managers typically spend 35% of their time in meetings while those who belong to the upper management spend 50% of their time. Employees, in general, spend up to 6 hours every week just to prepare for status update meetings. According to Bain and Company, 15% of the collective time of an organization is spent in business meetings and this has… Continue Reading

Developing Discipline: 8 Integral Traits and Tips for Practical Application

While other self-development areas such as motivation, productivity, focus have been thoroughly explored and analyzed, discipline studies are less accessible. And anyone looking for tips for building self-discipline at work, breaking bad habits, or developing discipline for studying would need additional guidance on sifting through online resources not backed by data. The Dunedin Study, which started in the 1980s, examined over 1,000 participants for 40 years, revealing the correlations between discipline and success. Self-disciplined kids and young adults consistently reported: Higher academic achievement Prosocial behavioral and mental well-being Stronger relationships and social capital Greater financial stability and employment success Reduced… Continue Reading

Reply: Handling WordPress Project Management And Sales (Video)

One of the members in my Mentorship Group group has asked me a few strategic questions regarding the way we do business at DevriX. I'm trying to cover different areas related to running a business, handling marketing activities, becoming a better developer and solving business problems. This time I've decided to record a video since the questions would have taken a good chunk of time to write down and sum up as compared to a 13min video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5S_qlIssGo Here are the 5 questions I've covered in my video: How do you manage multiple client requests in a limited… Continue Reading