How to Identify, Debug, and Improve Messed Up WordPress Code

Debugging and improving upon a messed up WordPress project is quite a challenge. A common misconception in the WordPress world is that a website would work "just fine" by setting up a few WordPress plugins combined with a premium theme. Sure - you can also set up a massive enterprise platform that consumes 8GB of RAM for the first load but it doesn’t make it efficient or the right choice for a successful project. Building a website that is supposed to scale and grow with time by bundling a few dozen plugins in it is “doing it wrong”. WordPress Plugins… Continue Reading

WordSesh – Dec 7

In April Scott Basgaard organized the first virtual WordPress conference called WordSesh. It's a 24-hours online event with presentations starting at 0 o'clock UTC. Scott managed to pull an all-nighter (which was literally 24h managing all the things) so major props for his organization skills and devotion :) I wrote a quick post after the last WordSesh and my talk there, there were also numerous amazing talks available, and the best part is that you don't have to leave your house in order to enjoy this - stay at home, prep your tea or beer (up to you), pants are optional… Continue Reading