Top 26 of My Most Recommended Newsletters

I have been asked by many of my followers and business associates about my most recommended newsletters and every time, I take delight in sharing my list. Whenever I recommend, you are guaranteed that I only recommend what I read on a regular basis. After all, we cannot give what we do not have. :)  Each week, more and more newsletters get added to my list ( I even just signed up for 3 more newsletters as of this writing!) I also maintain a newsletter of my own wherein I faithfully release my latest resources and the most important articles… Continue Reading

8 Tips for Technical Speakers

As a seasoned technical speaker at the Telerik Academy, I received an invitation for one of my favorite technical events - DevReach. Despite the fact that I am too biased with Open Source and normally try to stay away from Microsoft and other companies relying mostly on closed source products, it's always helpful to see how other experts think, what sort of issues do they have, how does a language evolve etc. Also, the folks from the Microsoft field have decent training programs (just as we have Sun's certificates, now Oracle's in Java and the one PHP-related Zend exam). For… Continue Reading

9 Ways to Use Quora for Business Growth

A few years ago, we surveyed most of our clients. We wanted to do a recap of a certain year and see what we could do better. Some of the standard questions revolved around our key services, what are the things we do best and where we fail the most. But we also wanted to learn where they spend their time online. I had expected some unique revelation about secret Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, blue-chip forums and mastermind groups. It would have been a good target for joining in and meeting other entrepreneurs, discussing business problems, or prospecting. Many people… Continue Reading

The Power of Big-Picture Thinking: A Key to Sustainable Business Growth

Imagine a business that only focuses on short-term gains, ignoring the bigger picture. What would be the long-term consequences for its vision, strategy, and overall success? Would it be able to sustain growth and create lasting value in a rapidly evolving marketplace? A stark reminder of the need to shift from short-term goals to long-term ones was given by the recent pandemic around the world.  Businesses that failed to take the bigger picture into account and establish a clear long-term goal found it difficult to maintain growth during the instability. In contrast, companies that adopted a broader perspective by evaluating… Continue Reading

The Power of Networking Done Right

The reason I find networking critically important is simple. Referrals make the best business contacts. Freelancers get a lot of business through word-of-mouth. Internships are often contingent on a common point of contact. Hiring for a senior management position is almost completely dependent on networking. Moreover: Plenty of brilliant minds are introverts. You don't always get to meet them at events. Social media and blogs, as well as smaller meetups or alumni gatherings, could be instrumental in meeting the right peers. Nowadays, jobs often deal with sensitive data. Trust is a major factor. Keeping the intellectual property in place isn't… Continue Reading

Shortcut to the WordPress Community for Beginners

Last week Siobhan wrote a very thorough and comprehensive article regarding the WordPress Community. People who are just stepping on the WordPress ground have a hard time figuring out where to start, how to get better and furthermore how to give back to a project. Luckily, the continuous work on the community-related groups is leading to handbooks, helping theme and plugin developers, as well as contributors; the Codex provides tutorials and function references, there are meetup groups for WordPress folks. Different divisions are accepting volunteers for important and yet not that obvious tasks such as UX work, mobile, proper and standardized… Continue Reading

Common Recruitment Challenges in the IT Industry

My position in my LinkedIn profile is a CEO of a team of 25 for several years now (nowadays 45), and yet I still do receive about a dozen emails every week through LinkedIn inviting me to apply as a junior developer somewhere or take on a senior position for an industry that I hadn’t even heard of. Additionally, even though I’ve had the opportunity to build technical solutions in numerous platforms and stacks over the years, I regularly receive invitations for a senior engineer gig in one of the few stacks I’ve never worked in, don’t have listed anywhere on LinkedIn - no… Continue Reading

WT:Social And The New Age Of Social Networks

I've been following Jimmy Wales for years and I'm extremely excited to sign up for his latest project: WT:Social. If you've heard of WikiTribune before, WT:Social takes a similar take on social networks after the endless number of scandals around Facebook. The new social network just crossed 110,000 users and quickly picks up traction among the tens of millions of angry users of ad-populated networks, selling data to 3rd parties, overhearing conversations "by chance" and broadly, gamifying their experience around market domination, not human development. Are There Social Networks? Marketers know that content marketing for Facebook or Twitter is called… Continue Reading

WordPress Developers hangout recording with Pippin and Franz

We just ended the first official WordPress Developers community hangout recorded live with Franz Kaiser and Pippin Williamson, available here: It's been fun hangin' out with both Pippin and Franz, it's always inspiring to have a chat with fellow contributors. In the interview we're discussing different topics, such as: work styles - clients work vs. selling products modular plugins history of development (how did Franz and Pippin started) helpful tools and functions the community contributing in various ways - code is just one of them! If you're into the online shows that we plan, we're discussing the next… Continue Reading

WordPress Blogging Challenge – 3 Times a Week

It's no secret that WordPress started as a blogging platform and there are tens of millions of blogs out there. Even though most of us do WordPress design/development for a living, blogging was what introduced us to the platform in the first place but given the busy daily schedule of work tasks, calls/chats and social networks, we tend to neglect it. I miss writing I miss writing. I used to do it a few times a week, writing in several blogs of mine - sharing daily facts or code snippets, or useful links I found, announcing events, summarizing conferences and… Continue Reading