November 10, 2012 Development

Overcome the WordPress Autosave Limitations

WordPress includes a handy feature called ‘autosave’ that periodically persists an autosave version of a post at the moment of writing. Since accidents happen, it’s always good to have some recent version of a long text instead of starting from scratch when you don’t have the proper backup. Autosave is handy, but since WordPress is

Add a TinyMCE button to WordPress post editor

Most themes and large plugin utilize the WordPress Shortcode API by adding code snippets that could be parsed inside of a page or post. One of the handy ways to present a UI behavior for your customers is by embedding the functionality to the TinyMCE editor as an extra button. You need to create two

November 6, 2012 Community

Sass in 5 – slides from OpenFest 2012

I had a lightning talk about Sass over the weekend at the largest open source conference on the Balkans – OpenFest. We’ve been using it in the past few projects and the improvement in the CSS code design is remarkable. Sass in 5 from Mario Peshev Sass is pretty handy when comes to a CSS file resulting

October 18, 2012 Development


Coming from the JEE world, I was used to adding several layers of abstraction for high level enterprise projects. Even back then, I was trying to evaluate the necessity of some of the layers. PHP is an interesting language, currently the most popular scripting (or maybe any programming) language at all for web projects. Developed

October 2, 2012 Community

WordCamp Sofia – Oct 20, Bulgaria

Ever been to Bulgaria? If not, now is the perfect time to visit the beautiful country and attend WordCamp Sofia. More about the 4th annually local meetup of the international event hosted in 116 different cities so far is available on the WordCamp Sofia website. A small dev day is also being organized on Sunday!

September 24, 2012 Development

DX Plugin Base v.1.1 released

I’ve released a major update of my DX Plugin Base plugin which servers as a skeleton for WordPress plugin creation. Some of the old code has been refactored and simplified and a few new features have been added as well. Currently the list of code snippets working and included in the sample plugin base is:

September 7, 2012 Development

Quick tip: get_terms with all terms

The get_terms WordPress function is listing all your terms for a given taxonomy (or taxonomies). However, the default callback returns only the terms with entries. Therefore your empty terms won’t be visible unless you use the hide_empty parameter with a false value, like this: $product_terms = get_terms( ‘product’, array( ‘hide_empty’ => false ) ); Passing

Java is not JavaScript

Recently I’ve been taking notes on some tweets and job offers from different individuals and companies around the world and there are 2 common mistakes I see everywhere: WordPress is spelled exactly like this – with a capital ‘W’ and a capital ‘P’. Please don’t hire people for yourself if you are not aware of

September 3, 2012 Development

Xdebug for Fedora with PHP 5.3

In February I wrote a guide on setting up Xdebug for Eclipse usage under Ubuntu. Using a neat debugger while exploring an existing WordPress project is a must and among the two possibilities (the Zend one or Xdebug) I use Xdebug. However, setting it up on my ThinkPad took a bit more time due to