March 25, 2012 Consulting

Preparation of Training Materials (Checklist)

As a Business Advisor, I used to spend a good chunk of my time teaching various courses (and speaking at conferences in Europe and the US). I no longer have the time to speak regularly, which is why I’ve shifted to my blog, LinkedIn, Quora, and other virtual venues serving a broader group of people

March 5, 2012 Development

WP Core – dynamically resize images

The only issue with post-thumbnails I’ve had was the lack of ability to resize images dynamically. I had to use add_image_size() function to define image sizes which is ineffective for many different sizes used once (or a limited number of times) as it creates thumbnails for every single uploaded image. Kovshenin was my savior once

February 22, 2012 Beyond

Xdebug on Ubuntu for WordPress

Turns out enabling Xdebug on Ubuntu for Eclipse PDT is easier than doing the same on Windows. The short version is installing the module as per this tutorial – sudo apt-get install php5-dev php-pear sudo pecl install xdebug sudo updatedb locate xdebug (this one finds the xdebug path) sudo gedit /etc/php/apache2/php.ini Adding this line

February 11, 2012 Development

Plugin Base Skeleton

I got tired working on plugins and writing the same code snippets all over again, looking in the same old tutorial sites or my favorite WP 3 Plugin Dev book. So I released a startup script for plugins – . It contains most of the important snippets required for every plugin – registration of custom post

January 25, 2012 Development

eval() error check

We all know how dangerous eval() is in terms of security, but still it is the necessary evil sometimes. I’ve been developing a script last week that required eval() execution. I did pretty granular input validation with regular expressions and known troubleish test cases. Still, some expressions passed to the eval() function were prone to

December 19, 2011 Community

Recommended WP hostings – Podcast

Recently I found a research on WP hosting providers by WPShout – . It is a pretty good review and I have used servers from most of the hosting providers listed there so I decided that this could be my next podcast. In this review I’m going through the list from the site summarizing what is

September 28, 2011 Development

CakePHP Headaches At A Glance

@jose_zap has replied to me regarding a tweet of mine comparing CodeIgniter and CakePHP and the different aspects of both technologies. Since Twitter itself is way restricted into the 140 chars (which I like most usually – less offtopic and media) I will better blog this off here as a couple of things I don’t

September 24, 2011 Beyond

Idea: “Theme Check” for plugins

WPCandy published a great post on plugins and the numbers of plugins to be used per website. Recently more and more developers do complain about the number of plugins that a client is running. But nobody asks the real question: how many of these plugins are actually of  _high quality_? From what I’ve encountered through

August 23, 2011 Consulting

Hourly Rates, Amount Of Work And Availability

Note: This essay is not always applicable while some projects definitely demand a straight work schedule, reporting and collaboration between the team members. However it reflects the majority of projects and clients out there in the wild. As an employer I prefer to charge on a project basis. It’s easier to plan my budgets and

August 21, 2011 Development

5 Things I Don’t Like About WishList Member

Almost a year ago we started developing a web project for a client on a social networking basis. This was actually the second similar project for the past 2 years as we have also designed a dating site and the latter solution was a social networks with custom profiles and more. There were a few