Dealing With Clients: Vendors vs. Consultants

Always being compliant with everything that a prospect or a client says is not the best practice to build a sustainable business.  This is one of the most important lessons I've learned over a decade of running a business and separately running a consultancy—advising small and medium enterprises. Regardless of the fact that clients often want to hear what they're asking for, they're not necessarily in the right position to give the best piece of advice. I had a sales meeting a couple of weeks ago with a former client we used to work with back in the day. He… Continue Reading

Recommended WP hostings – Podcast

Recently I found a research on WP hosting providers by WPShout - . It is a pretty good review and I have used servers from most of the hosting providers listed there so I decided that this could be my next podcast. In this review I'm going through the list from the site summarizing what is the overall experience from people reading the WPShout site and adding my 2 cents to the big picture. If you wonder what's the cosiest cavern for your WordPress systems, you should definitely check this out. [podcast][/podcast] Continue Reading