8 Tips for Technical Speakers

As a seasoned technical speaker at the Telerik Academy, I received an invitation for one of my favorite technical events - DevReach. Despite the fact that I am too biased with Open Source and normally try to stay away from Microsoft and other companies relying mostly on closed source products, it's always helpful to see how other experts think, what sort of issues do they have, how does a language evolve etc. Also, the folks from the Microsoft field have decent training programs (just as we have Sun's certificates, now Oracle's in Java and the one PHP-related Zend exam). For… Continue Reading

Direct Approach vs. Philosophy Culture

When I was in high school, I joined a forum for philosophers. I was an observer, just monitoring the active users discussing different points of view on the same general principle, or cosmic factor. Later on, I started reading different books on personal skills, psychology and communication. The Esoteric Book The most amazing thing I found was a book. Actually two books - same title, same table of contents. One written by a US writer, the other - from an Indian philosopher. The difference between both books was unbelievable. The US one was completely "how to" with homework assignments after each… Continue Reading

Bulgaria PHP Conference – Day 2 Recap

Today was the last day of the Bulgaria PHP Conference and after my Day 1 review, here's my recap post from Day 2. First off, I'd like to thank the organizers for the splendid event - great organization, incredible speakers list, solid WiFi, several areas for hanging out and a great atmosphere - looking forward to the 2016 version! Drupal 8: The Crash Course Larry Garfield gave a great talk explaining the transition from their handcrafted code built until Drupal 7 to their current code base in Drupal 8 based on a lot of open source libraries and tools. His Drupal 8: The Crash… Continue Reading

Bulgaria PHP Conference – Day 1 Recap

Bulgaria is hosting its first official Bulgaria PHP Conference this weekend and I was honored to attend and present my WordPress Core Architecture talk today. I usually don't do recaps here - mostly because lots of my readers attend WordCamps with me, watch the talks on WordPress.tv, follow Twitter hashtags and so forth, or I go to other conferences that focus on different areas unrelated to what I tend to blog about here. PHP, however, is the core of the WordPress platform, and the line-up this year is magnificent, which is why I feel obliged to share a quick overview about some of the… Continue Reading

Local WordPress activities – April

I can barely find some time to sleep, but hopefully April would be enlightening for the local group of WordPress peeps. In the next month there are several things planned: 1 (if not two) meetups of the Bulgarian group Few WordPress sessions as a part of the CMS course in Telerik Academy WordSesh (available for locals here too) Zero Marketing Conference - WordPress session WordUp! An article in Economics magazine for building some extra income with WordPress. Most of this is still TBD, but I personally expect more involvement after a series of short and intense events covering WP instead… Continue Reading