Sass in 5 – slides from OpenFest 2012

I had a lightning talk about Sass over the weekend at the largest open source conference on the Balkans – OpenFest. We’ve been using it in the past few projects and the improvement in the CSS code design is remarkable.

Sass is pretty handy when comes to a CSS file resulting in more than 100 LoC. It’s always room for improvement, unnecessary copy-paste (due to the lack of reusability here and there) and Sass leverages this by adding an extra layer of ‘programming concepts’ on the top, such as variables, conditionals, loops, extending snippets (or including them) and more. In addition to its Compass tight support (a number of ready mixins for tables, grids etc) and being able to copy your existing CSS3 file as a .scss file with a 100% support, the end effort for switching is little to none.

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