WordPress Developers hangout recording with Pippin and Franz

We just ended the first official WordPress Developers community hangout recorded live with Franz Kaiser and Pippin Williamson, available here:

It’s been fun hangin’ out with both Pippin and Franz, it’s always inspiring to have a chat with fellow contributors. In the interview we’re discussing different topics, such as:

  • work styles – clients work vs. selling products
  • modular plugins
  • history of development (how did Franz and Pippin started)
  • helpful tools and functions
  • the WordPress.org community
  • contributing in various ways – code is just one of them!

If you’re into the online shows that we plan, we’re discussing the next one being recorded live next month with the two other active moderators from the WordPress Developers community. Suggestions are welcome, get in touch here, in the WordPress Developers community or on Twitter and follow both Franz and Pippin for more WordPress tips & tricks.

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