Do You Understand The B2B Sales Process Enough To Reach the Right Decision Makers?

Budget and timing are the two major reasons why businesses and salespersons lose B2B deals. This is according to a report from Chorus. This gives emphasis to the fact that the B2B sales process is a long one and it needs strategic approaches not only in budget and timing but also in other key aspects. To be successful in B2B sales means to have a deeper appreciation of B2B processes, determining and reaching the decision-makers, and knowing how to go through the sales process efficiently. Understanding the B2B Process The B2B process is usually longer since: It involves multiple stakeholders… Continue Reading

Customizer Everywhere – No, Thanks, Here’s Why

When I wrote my post about the voluntarily business decisions last week, I tried to stress on the fact that a minor change may have a big impact, and for some this may be pretty critical. Now we have a major decision that followed some other major ones, including the theme review requirement that Customizer is a "must" for WordPress themes. As a side note, an online friend told me last week that I'm very positive. On the contrary, I'm in fact a realist that always evaluates the possible regressions that something may do - because, at the end of the day,… Continue Reading