Acquiring Digital Properties: Why, What, and Where to Buy

Today, we are discussing acquiring digital properties: WHY, WHAT, and WHERE to buy.  I have been buying digital properties, websites, SaaS platforms, e-commerce applications, content publishing websites, and so forth, for the past nine years. Some of these properties that I buy are very cheap ranging from a few hundred bucks to a couple of thousands. Buying digital properties has definitely been one of the endeavors that I have been enjoying quite a lot. Some of those deals have actually turned into great opportunities for the business or just tangible investments that have actually led me to tap additional skills,… Continue Reading

The Problem With Investors And Scaling – Uber Examples

Note: I started the post a few months ago, so there may be some slightly outdated facts. I'm a great proponent of bootstrapped companies, and I've always admired successful businesses that managed to grow without taking on seed funding or various types of investment. We're in our fifth year as a team at DevriX and while we're always hesitant to get a hold of more resources and speed up our growth or launch some of our products, we're still relying on a self-growth model instead. Uber [caption id="attachment_11728" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Photo by[/caption] Uber is a great service - an alternative… Continue Reading