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Preparation of Training Materials

For the past 7 years I have participated in tens of training courses – local and abroad – and trained hundreds if not thousands of lectures out there. Since I do regular classes on some topics, I need to polish my materials on a regular basis by doing research, testing and exploration to keep them…

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Java2Days 2010 – Overview

This week has been inspired by the power ot Java (this is how a movie like Javatar would probably start). Offtopic Anyway, I’m glad that I attended Java2Days event this year. It’s been my second Java2Days event including the one in Oct 2009 (which I described in my Bulgarian blog with auto Google translation in…

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The WebXpo Event in Sofia

  Yesterday I attended the WebXpo event in Sofia, managed by Web &¬†Events. There were plenty of different topics to be discussed on website development, design, usability and so on. I’ve written a review in Bulgarian in my other blog. It was a great pleasure listening to the discussion of the website price. Three experts…

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