WordPress IRC Chats Schedule

Since I tend to forget when most WordPress dev chats are or pick wrong time zones instead, I set up a small weekly schedule with weekly IRC chats: http://devwp.eu/chats/ I got the schedules from the Make blogs and listed them with custom post type entries in a calendar. The handy thing is that one can control the timezone listing with a UTC-relative GET argument (also, few time zones are listed at the top of the calendar that switch that automatically). For example, what I use in Bulgaria is http://devwp.eu/chats/?utc=+3 which triggers the events shifted towards my timing instead of UTC. Even though I… Continue Reading

Theme Mentor – inspired by Theme-Check

Today I finally released the first version of Theme Mentor - a theme review plugin inspired by the almighty Theme-Check. Over the last year I have spent more than 200 hours fixing themes for the WordPress.org repository gone through the Theme-Check tests. There are numerous issues not covered by Theme-Check, easy to miss during your review or development process. Truth is, most of them are absolutely valid and an algorithm couldn't be built so smart to determine whether it is a real error or not. Few of the problems covered by the first Theme Mentor version: <link> or <script> tags… Continue Reading

5 Things I Don’t Like About WishList Member

Almost a year ago we started developing a web project for a client on a social networking basis. This was actually the second similar project for the past 2 years as we have also designed a dating site and the latter solution was a social networks with custom profiles and more. There were a few tricky features such as custom profile type creation (different professions to be defined with their fields and labels through admin) and financial stats for paid users, and the speed was an important requirement. After some hardcore coding over 2 client-based websites using WishList member and… Continue Reading