September 27, 2015 Development

Bulgaria PHP Conference – Day 2 Recap

Today was the last day of the Bulgaria PHP Conference and after my Day 1 review, here’s my recap post from Day 2. First off, I’d like to thank the organizers for the splendid event – great organization, incredible speakers list, solid WiFi, several areas for hanging out and a great atmosphere – looking forward to the 2016 version!

September 26, 2015 Development

Bulgaria PHP Conference – Day 1 Recap

Bulgaria is hosting its first official Bulgaria PHP Conference this weekend and I was honored to attend and present my WordPress Core Architecture talk today. I usually don’t do recaps here – mostly because lots of my readers attend WordCamps with me, watch the talks on, follow Twitter hashtags and so forth, or I go to other

September 3, 2012 Development

Xdebug for Fedora with PHP 5.3

In February I wrote a guide on setting up Xdebug for Eclipse usage under Ubuntu. Using a neat debugger while exploring an existing WordPress project is a must and among the two possibilities (the Zend one or Xdebug) I use Xdebug. However, setting it up on my ThinkPad took a bit more time due to

January 25, 2012 Development

eval() error check

We all know how dangerous eval() is in terms of security, but still it is the necessary evil sometimes. I’ve been developing a script last week that required eval() execution. I did pretty granular input validation with regular expressions and known troubleish test cases. Still, some expressions passed to the eval() function were prone to