October 11, 2013 Business

Reading the Leaders

One of the companies that I have been consulting for a few months has hired a new team member with no experience in the WordPress field. I have been helping him to get started and get acquainted with the community. I sent him a list of sites and bloggers I follow and read regularly and

June 25, 2013 Business

QA != Tester

Last Saturday I had one of those epiphany moments for something way too obvious, still too shocking for me at the moment of speaking. It was related to the QA process and the place of the QA role in the software industry. I got involved in a discussion on Saturday evening regarding several different technical

February 2, 2013 Business

Remote Work Is Just As Good

I have a hard time resisting remote employment opportunity discussions online, due to the fact that I spent several years of my life on a flexible timing and remote work business structure. Today’s reason is Rarst’s tweet regarding StackExchange: Why We (Still) Believe in Working Remotely « Blog – Stack Exchange http://t.co/WwMRtao0 — Andrey Savchenko

August 11, 2012 Business

The Business-IT Industry Relationship

The WordPress platform allows for a number of users to build business ideas over a number of options. Browsing online or offline (at a WordCamp or a regular WordPress meetup event) we could get in touch with WP developers, designers, writers, system administrators, support engineers and other technical. On the other hand, small teams are