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CEO workout

June 4, 2021

How Do CEOs Remain Fit While Running Successful Businesses?

Umaid Fahad Iqbal’s take on how busy Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), business people, or entrepreneurs remain fit is a must-read. His answer to the question is three fold. Health plays a major role in everything and it must be a priority Fitness is subjective and is not always how it is marketed Being healthy is

Collaborative Remote Employees

May 28, 2021

How Can Remote Employees Stay Collaborative With the Office-Based Team?

Staying relevant and collaborative in a distributed environment requires a good effort from both the remote employees and the company. As a remote worker, trying to “hang out with the cool kids” may not be possible if the majority of the brainstorming happens around the water cooler without being documented in a project management system


May 21, 2021

Is It Good or Bad For Your Brand to Use Remarketing?

The only possible reason for remarketing to be bad is if your product is horrible or deceiving, or any other reason that would question your longevity. I’m sure this isn’t the case here, which is why the valid answer is: remarketing (or retargeting) can be very beneficial to a business. Nearly 98% of all website

May 14, 2021

What Do Employees Need to Know to Better Work With the Senior Management?

Did you ever wish to know certain things that will make you work better with your senior management?  There are three leading aspects that the senior management cares about. Let’s briefly discuss these three. 1. ROI Your role (and your own presence) is designed for one of the three purposes: sourcing/closing business, generating work (hours/product)

Early Stage Startup Apps

May 7, 2021

Should Early-Stage Startup Apps Be Outsourced Right Away?

As every app starts with the promises of a fruitful future, it’s always worth considering both the short-term impact and the long-term prospects of outsourcing vs. staffing vs. a hybrid approach with a technical lead on your end. There are different considerations you want to consider when looking for a team to work with on

Is It Possible For Talented Software Engineers to Not Get Promoted?

April 30, 2021

Is It Possible For Talented Software Engineers to Not Get Promoted?

Yes. Not all talented software engineers get promoted. Promotions work differently across organizations. Sometimes the next tier includes one specific trait or skill that the engineer lacks—say, being sharp in performance optimization, understanding operating systems well-enough, and speed in fixing emergencies. There may be a quota of promotions approved by senior management and the engineer

Bringing Value to the Business

April 23, 2021

“Helping People” vs Bringing Value to the Business

There is a fine line between “helping people” and “bringing value to the business”. Both could be a great symbiosis but not without a number of compromises. Long story short, your company is not a charity. It’s a viable business with a monetization strategy in place. Jeopardizing the viability and strength of the company would

Book for Entrepreneurs

April 16, 2021

Why Is Reading Books as Resources Important?

Could you become a doctor if you read 50 articles on random subjects covering medicine? The same question goes for law, computer science, art, and music. Articles are not bad per se. And they could be really instrumental in certain cases—especially when you’re reading about a very narrow subject or something innovative (since writing and


April 9, 2021

Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose to Buy a Franchise or an Established Business?

Buying a franchise is quite different from acquiring a standalone established business. With franchises, you generally sign up for: An established brand that is recognizable A complete blueprint on how to structure the business (turnkey) A predefined business model on roles you need to hire for, skills, shifts, and for brick and mortars – even