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When Your Client's Idea Won't Work

What To Do When Your Client’s Idea Won’t Work

There are three types of ridiculous ideas out there: Ideas that would absolutely not work – ever. Ideas that are extremely unlikely to work for whatever reason. Ideas that you cannot comprehend and may be brilliant given the right context. Examples of Ridiculous Ideas Jumping off a skyscraper with no parachute or a glider or some…

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Why and how does Open Source software

Is WordPress Development a Form of Web Development?

Here comes a harsh opinion coming from a WordPress Core contributor and WordPress agency owner who’s been programming since 1999. First off, you can’t say “building websites from scratch using WordPress”. The fact that you can pretty much set up a website in a matter of minutes with WordPress is nowhere near starting with an…

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Mentorship Is Overrated In Early IT Days

Mentorship is overrated, especially during the first years of one’s technical career. But Why Is Mentorship Overrated? Not because mentors lack the skills or experience to help out. There’s simply too much emphasis on the need for mentorship for one’s successful career. Great mentors are highly experienced, somewhat successful, and extremely busy. This effectively reduces…

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Remote Teams

Is Intellectual Property Endangered By Remote Developers In Startups?

Successful open source businesses depend on factors outside of their codebase, such as: Brand positioning and PR Customer base Portfolio Talented engineers and business professionals able to scale Strategic partnerships Investments If Facebook’s codebase gets stolen and replicated as, who cares? Even Technological Companies Don’t Revolve Entirely Around Their Codebase Sure, high-quality product is a…

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Programmers Wear Headphones While Programming

How Headphones Affect Your Development Work (Focus For Engineers)

Enter the world of Interruption science. Here’s a quote from some of the surveys on that topic: Mark conducted a study on office workers, which revealed that “each employee spent only 11 minutes on any given project before being interrupted”. Kelemen et al. showed that a team of programmers is interrupted through a technical Skype support…

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Management Consultants as Startup Founders

Can Management Consultants Be Good Startup Founders?

Traditional management consultants (and advisors) are MBAs who have spent a decade or more in the corporate space. I’ve studied 500+ of them and over 80% fell in this category. Funnily enough, this is mainly dictated by the background of “management consulting”. This isn’t a popular title in the startup ecosystem and most founders haven’t gone through…

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How To Gain Experience As A Junior Developer

Let’s review that from an employer’s perspective. The First Week Or Two Someone with no practical skills and proven experience joins your team. You greet them, show them around, introduce them to the team, let them settle on their desk. You share the access to your VPN, add them on Dropbox or Drive, give them…

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Do Every Great Programmer Type Fast?

Does Every Great Programmer Type Fast?

I believe that fast typing is not a prerequisite but it helps you with several things: Some programming languages are fairly verbose (such as Java). Same goes for front-end development (generating markup, scaffolding projects, building new templates). Fast-typists can do better, although most intelligent IDEs can do most of the heavy lifting. You don’t want your typing speed…

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Difference between Freelancers and Office Workers

What Is The Difference Between Freelancers And Office Workers?

Freelancers Are Usually Project-Based Employees  The common belief is that freelancers are usually project-based employees who often work independently on a specific project with a deadline. This may vary given ongoing agreements (a certain number of hours a month) and collaboration with other people. Due to the irregular work schedule and a limited number of hours,…

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How to Reject Sales Proposal

How To Reject Sales Proposals While Keeping Your Door Open

Generally, most of the cold emails and calls we receive (dozens every month) are automated and provide no value for us whatsoever. Some of the remaining exceptions are just not a good fit for us. And every 3–4 months we receive an interesting one that may be worth pursuing. Whenever we want to politely put a…

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