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How Can You Apply Productivity Techniques In Content Production

January 22, 2021

How Can You Apply Productivity Techniques in Content Production?

I’ve been compiling productivity techniques for a while now and most of them are applicable in content production as well. Pomodoro Pomodoro revolves around 25–5 blocks—25 minutes at 100% focus (no interruptions) 5-minute breaks, run a few rounds, and take a longer break. If you break down your content process into different sections or headlines,

January 15, 2021

What Do Companies Consider in Paying Web Developers?

Software engineering salaries often rank on top of wage lists (compared with thousands and thousands of jobs out there). That said, there are two common reasons why companies don’t pay as much as Facebook or Netflix for engineering (or web development) jobs: A salary cannot be higher than the predicted return on investment It doesn’t

Front-end Web Developers

January 8, 2021

When Should You Hire a Front-End Developer to Upgrade Your Website?

In a webinar with several other panelists discussing common questions around building or maintaining websites, one of the attendees who were primarily business owners with no technical background asked this question: “How do vendors treat other important aspects of building a website such as accessibility, performance, SEO, UX, security…” The reality is: Large platforms are

tips on hiring a freelance writer

January 1, 2021

How to Identify A Good Fit When Hiring A Freelance Writer?

Hiring a freelance writer depends a lot on the type of business and what a writer is needed for. For instance, my agency employs 2 full-time writers, but we work with additional writers to produce more content or cover other topics that our folks don’t profile at. My other business relies on guest posts, so

How Can A Tech Pro Become A CEO

December 25, 2020

How Can a Tech Pro Become a CEO?

CEO is a role you can simply pin on your business card once you found a business. Some would argue that a Founder, Director, General Manager would be best for a solopreneur, but nothing stops you from using the CEO title as a founder of a company. The question is — does that satisfy your

marketing retainers and pricing

December 18, 2020

What Are the Ways to Structure Marketing Retainers and Pricing?

Retainers and pricing work across different companies in different ways but let us check how marketing trainers and pricing are usually structured. The following are some key factors we can take a lot into.  1. Retainer Types There are two different ways to structure marketing retainers: A package of services that is included in the


December 11, 2020

What Type of Companies Need Marketers The Most?

Marketers are extremely important for each organization that doesn’t have: an effective and steady flow of inquiries a reseller partnership that takes care of the process a workflow that isn’t designed for growth Certain industries can leverage marketing better and are in a position to generate massive revenues with the right marketing strategy on the

personal productivity

November 27, 2020

What’s the Next Big Thing in Personal Productivity?

Aside from all productivity frameworks and tools out there, virtual assistant services are on the rise. I think the next big thing in personal productivity has a lot to do with hiring a virtual assistant. I’m not necessarily talking about hiring a full-time assistant, but rather task-based VA solutions popping up every now and then.

web developer and digital marketer

November 20, 2020

Can You Be Both a Web Developer and a Digital Marketer?

As a rule of thumb, web developers do web development and digital marketers spend their time on marketing. It’s common to see web developers with 20 years of experience who have never had any exposure to marketing (except for working with marketers within an organization). Marketers traditionally don’t write code since it’s usually a different