Short Tips

Book for Entrepreneurs

April 16, 2021

Why Is Reading Books as Resources Important?

Could you become a doctor if you read 50 articles on random subjects covering medicine? The same question goes for law, computer science, art, and music. Articles are not bad per se. And they could be really instrumental in certain cases—especially when you’re reading about a very narrow subject or something innovative (since writing and


April 9, 2021

Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose to Buy a Franchise or an Established Business?

Buying a franchise is quite different from acquiring a standalone established business. With franchises, you generally sign up for: An established brand that is recognizable A complete blueprint on how to structure the business (turnkey) A predefined business model on roles you need to hire for, skills, shifts, and for brick and mortars – even

April 2, 2021

What to Do When a Colleague Gets the Promotion You Wanted?

When you get passed over on a promotion you wanted, keep on with your day-to-day and report to your newly appointed direct manager or team leader. If you’re eager to land a promotion, work harder and have an open discussion with your management regarding possible opportunities to undertake a managerial role. There are generally two

March 26, 2021

How Digital Agencies Gather Case Studies for Their Old Clients

Some prioritize it more than others, but not every success story goes into a case study. 70% of our contracts come with heavy NDAs in place. This usually entails the top contracts above all – i.e. the most exciting projects with the highest level of R&D we can invest in. This is a heavy burden

March 19, 2021

When Should Digital Business Owners Consider Hiring an Assistant?

The right time to hire an assistant is in one of the following cases: You have critical matters to take care of while other ongoing activities should be working in parallel Your senior management team is already formed, i.e. specific departments are managed independently You tend to spend time on repetitive work which could be

outsource software development

March 5, 2021

When Is the Right Time to Outsource Software Development?

At what point should you decide to outsource your software development? Let’s discuss the following two major reasons why you should outsource software development. Your business requires a complex software (or a web solution that requires new features and maintenance continuously) You don’t want to build an entire technical department in-house We outsource a number

User-Friendly Website

February 26, 2021

What Are the Key Components Required for a User-Friendly Website?

The process isn’t straightforward in the sense of coming up with a boilerplate solution. The first step is defining the goal of the website—usually one for a product, an agency, or whatever business you run. This would also determine the type of web solution you’re after—it could be a simple 5-page brochure site, a content

First Programming Job

February 19, 2021

How Can You Prepare for Your First Programming Job?

Some know-how (and a coding portfolio) would be needed in order to land a programming job in the first place. Some companies have tough interviews, others are bearable — but all of them have a minimum bar you need to pass. The first couple of years are rough. I’ve explained the employer’s perspective in Mario

How Do Managers Know Which of Their Employees to Promote?

February 12, 2021

How Do Managers Know Which of Their Employees to Promote?

Some promotions are requested by staff members (ahead of time or during interactions with managers/HR), others are “scheduled”—i.e. every couple of years or so. But generally speaking, there are two common ways employees are promoted: Stepping up their own rank – i.e. juniors to mid-level to senior Promotion to a managerial role The first type