Short Tips

User-Friendly Website

February 26, 2021

What Are the Key Components Required for a User-Friendly Website?

The process isn’t straightforward in the sense of coming up with a boilerplate solution. The first step is defining the goal of the website—usually one for a product, an agency, or whatever business you run. This would also determine the type of web solution you’re after—it could be a simple 5-page brochure site, a content

First Programming Job

February 19, 2021

How Can You Prepare for Your First Programming Job?

Some know-how (and a coding portfolio) would be needed in order to land a programming job in the first place. Some companies have tough interviews, others are bearable — but all of them have a minimum bar you need to pass. The first couple of years are rough. I’ve explained the employer’s perspective in Mario

How Do Managers Know Which of Their Employees to Promote?

February 12, 2021

How Do Managers Know Which of Their Employees to Promote?

Some promotions are requested by staff members (ahead of time or during interactions with managers/HR), others are “scheduled”—i.e. every couple of years or so. But generally speaking, there are two common ways employees are promoted: Stepping up their own rank – i.e. juniors to mid-level to senior Promotion to a managerial role The first type

Day of Business Advisor

February 5, 2021

What Is a Day in the Life of a Business Advisor Like?

What a day is like in the life of a business advisor primarily depends on the category of the business advisor. There are different categories of business advisors out there depending on the type of business engagement (and their availability): Industry experts who offer advisory services as an added value proposition Business advisors employed full-time

consultants pricing

January 29, 2021

Why Do Only a Few Consulting Companies Prefer Value-Based Pricing?

Different consultants price their services differently. Here is how most of them base their pricing on the following common structures: 31.37% of consultants charge per project  23.38% of them bill hourly 17.30% go for value-based fees 15.40% prefer to be on monthly retainers 12.55% of consultants charge on a day-to-day basis Most consulting companies do

How Can You Apply Productivity Techniques In Content Production

January 22, 2021

How Can You Apply Productivity Techniques in Content Production?

I’ve been compiling productivity techniques for a while now and most of them are applicable in content production as well. Pomodoro Pomodoro revolves around 25–5 blocks—25 minutes at 100% focus (no interruptions) 5-minute breaks, run a few rounds, and take a longer break. If you break down your content process into different sections or headlines,

January 15, 2021

What Do Companies Consider in Paying Web Developers?

Software engineering salaries often rank on top of wage lists (compared with thousands and thousands of jobs out there). That said, there are two common reasons why companies don’t pay as much as Facebook or Netflix for engineering (or web development) jobs: A salary cannot be higher than the predicted return on investment It doesn’t

Front-end Web Developers

January 8, 2021

When Should You Hire a Front-End Developer to Upgrade Your Website?

In a webinar with several other panelists discussing common questions around building or maintaining websites, one of the attendees who were primarily business owners with no technical background asked this question: “How do vendors treat other important aspects of building a website such as accessibility, performance, SEO, UX, security…” The reality is: Large platforms are

tips on hiring a freelance writer

January 1, 2021

How to Identify A Good Fit When Hiring A Freelance Writer?

Hiring a freelance writer depends a lot on the type of business and what a writer is needed for. For instance, my agency employs 2 full-time writers, but we work with additional writers to produce more content or cover other topics that our folks don’t profile at. My other business relies on guest posts, so

How Can A Tech Pro Become A CEO

December 25, 2020

How Can a Tech Pro Become a CEO?

CEO is a role you can simply pin on your business card once you found a business. Some would argue that a Founder, Director, General Manager would be best for a solopreneur, but nothing stops you from using the CEO title as a founder of a company. The question is — does that satisfy your