Short Tips

October 18, 2021

How Do You Screen Job Applicants During Interviews?

Ask behavioral questions to screen job applicants during your interviews. Most interviews revolve around these three categories: Standard questions: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”, “What made you apply for us”, etc. “Random question of the day”: “If you were an animal, which one would it be?”, “What’s your favorite US state?” Situational

September 27, 2021

Why Are Technically Trained People Afraid of Artificial Super Intelligence?

Other than the Terminator reference in Bob’s answer, I’ll also refer to I, Robot with Will Smith. While both are somewhat Sci-Fi, they are not too far-fetched given what we know about artificial intelligence so far. One popular approach to Artificial intelligence is machine learning. It’s been widely used in practice now – from providing

How Do We Recruit the Best People?

September 20, 2021

How Do We Recruit the Best People?

You may find some of the best people to hire are the people who stand out in a mix, if not most, of the areas below: Learning Mindset Soft Skills Their Reason To Stay Team Spirit Salary Expectations Culture Fit Are you looking for someone in-house or coming from the outside? Use the following framework

September 13, 2021

What Topics Do You Find Most Interesting to Discuss With Other Business People?

Excluding personal topics around common interests (which is actually the case in most real-world conversations), business talk often revolves around specific pain points or new opportunities that are lesser-known. In terms of problems, there are dozens of common business pain points that tend to be evergreen – matters around management, recruitment, marketing, sales, strategy, legal,

Self-Discipline Mindset

September 4, 2021

What Is a Self-Disciplined Mindset?

A self-disciplined mindset does not require external motivation to keep going. Great leaders instill self-discipline through a combination of: Strong intrinsic motivation Strong vision keeping them going one step at a time A great community of partners and employees worth serving A purpose in life worth dedicating to And here are the vital elements in

What Made You Start Your Business?

September 1, 2021

What Made You Start Your Business?

Coming from enterprise-grade development, I was eager to bring WordPress to the enterprise world. Back when we started, WordPress was powering only 12% of the Internet. At the time of authoring this post, 42.4% of all websites online run on top of WordPress. This is a major win for the Open Source ecosystem at large.

August 25, 2021

Why Is Product Strategy Central to Business Performance?

Business performance can be assessed only if you can “measure” results. You can’t measure anything without defining the strategy first. The common way this happens is through the following workflow: Vision -> Strategy -> Tactics -> KPIs 1. Vision First off, devise the vision for the product development on top of the existing vision statement

August 18, 2021

How Can You Find Business Advisors?

Back when I first launched my website, I realized it’s almost impossible to find business advisors online. (Which was personally great news since I rank as a business advisor in the top 3 results in US Google search consistently). Most people offering relevant services for businesses are: Employed by a single company and not offering