Short Tips

On-Call Software Engineer

March 27, 2020

What Is It Like to Be an On-Call Software Engineer?

Organizations define “on-call” differently, based on: Their business model The volume and frequency of emergencies The size of their team The importance of reacting quickly I’ve been on call in most companies I’ve worked for, and this is the case in DevriX at the moment. One of them employed shifts. There was some regularity (i.e. one or

programming syllabus

March 20, 2020

Can Python Replace the C Programming Syllabus in Schools?

We actually started with Pascal back in the day. Pascal was partially built to demonstrate the best programming techniques and practices which made it a good candidate for training. However, lots of modern languages are C-based. The syntax differences (plus its procedural approach) are not necessarily as applicable for young students trying to learn the


March 13, 2020

What Do You Think of Smartwatches?

As a tech geek, I have been using wearable devices for the past four or five years. Here’s what I’ve found and how I have approached smart devices since then – including my thoughts on pricing, usability, and value. My first wearable was a Xiaomi smart bracelet with a fitness tracker. Its battery life was splendid, anywhere

WordPress plugins

March 6, 2020

Are WordPress Plugins Highly Overrated?

Are WordPress plugins highly overrated in terms of expecting each of them to work flawlessly on production? Yes, totally overrated. People keep mixing up multiple complex, heavy plugins, expecting them to behave as they have been authored by the same development shop. (Honestly, even if they were, compatibility would still be a chore.) I was recently

Content Delivery Network

February 28, 2020

Should You Use A Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) lets you host your static assets across hundreds or even thousands of nodes around the world. The benefits? Serving content will be faster as visitors receive moderately “local” assets and many of them may be cached already. Lower server load on your end (reduced bandwidth and better concurrency support). Additional

benefits of internships

February 21, 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Internships To Interns?

The main reason internships are beneficial is the corporate experience. Colleges teach you some skills. These are often outdated or not really applicable in a real business context. While there are certain “team projects” every now and then, it’s nowhere near the actual scenario of participating in the production, planning, strategy, collaboration, and execution which you can

business names

February 14, 2020

Do Business Names Starting With The Letter “A” Have Any Advantage?

Does it still matter what letter do business names start with? Back in the day, the yellow pages were a strategic source for generating prospects for a business. However, this was a common hack 30–40 years ago and most businesses no longer rely on this traffic source. Nowadays, you’ll likely find leads via: Social media (Twitter,

social accounts for your business

February 7, 2020

Should You Have Separate Social Accounts For Your Businesses?

Keeping separate social accounts for your businesses would be best unless you already have established an influencer brand. If Ronaldo or Mark Cuban or Obama decides to write about skateboarding or run a separate video gaming channel, millions of users will get hooked, because they *love* their brands already, they respect them; they want to become

software development jobs

January 31, 2020

Why Do Most Applicants In Software Development Jobs Never Get A Response?

Make sure that you’re not making any of the 101 mistakes most applicants in software development jobs commit so they usually end up with no responses. The problem with your career so far could be that freelancing may be beneficial to your future professional development but there’s often no direct way to showcase it. In other

web development project

January 24, 2020

Why Do Some Programmers Fail To Meet Web Development Project Deadlines?

Of course, not all of them are bad, but there are plenty of reasons why some programmers fail to meet their web development project deadlines. Top Reasons Programmers Have Issues Meeting Project Deadlines Vague Assignment  The answer to a vague assignment is a vague deadline. Incomplete Assignment  A specification may appear to be long and