Here’s a list of guest posts, interviews, podcasts, and roundups I’ve authored or participated in.


✏️ Entrepreneur: How to Recruit Talent That Has the ‘Agency Bug’
20th September 2021

✏️ Entrepreneur: 6 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression During Business Outreach
3rd September 2021

✏️ Entrepreneur: How to Reshape Your Business Strategy to Survive ‘The Great Resignation’
23rd August 2021

✏️ Entrepreneur: 6 KPIs Your Hire Needs to Hit to Pass the Probation Period
16th August 2021

✏️ Entrepreneur: How to Employ Radical Candor in the Workplace With 5 Simple Steps
9th August 2021

📓 Entrepreneur9 Ways Entrepreneurs Organize and Manage Their Calendars Properly
5th April 2019

✏️ Entrepreneur: 15 Traits of Failing Entrepreneurs You Should Avoid
April 25, 2018

✏️ Entrepreneur: How to Start a Technical Start-up Without a Tech Co-Founder?
August 22, 2017

✏️ Entrepreneur: Hire A Smart Assistant And Focus Only On Increasing Your Business Value
18th April 2017

✏️ Entrepreneur: 7 Time Management Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs
29th March 2017


📓 Forbes: Eight Effective Ways To Help Employees Create Clear, Meaningful Career Paths
22nd July 2022

📓 Forbes: Taking On A Major Project? Keep Your Team Organized With These Nine Strategies
21st July 2022

📓 Forbes: Struggling To Attract New Talent? Eight Mistakes You Might Be Making
28th April 2022

📓 Forbes: Nine Effective Ways To Showcase Your Personality On LinkedIn
29th March 2022

📓 Forbes: 10 Apps To Boost Productivity And Efficiency For You And Your Whole Team
28th March 2022

📓 Forbes: 10 Ways To Be More Intentional In Your Networking Efforts This Year
21st March 2022

📓 Forbes: 12 Effective Tactics To Include In Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy
9th March 2022

📓 Forbes: 14 Smart Ways Businesses Can Leverage AI For Growth And Efficiency
27th September 2021

📓 Forbes: Want A More Inclusive Work Culture? Try These 10 Simple Leadership Strategies
16th September 2021

✏️ Forbes: Five Steps To Incorporate WordPress As An Integrated Management Solution
14th September 2021

📓 Forbes: Eight Ways Business Leaders Can Retain More Employees By Helping Managers Succeed
8th September 2021

📓 Forbes: Eight ‘Brain Hacks’ For Overcoming Fearful Moments As A Business Leader
26th August 2021

📓 Forbes: Nine Ways To Maintain Clear, Transparent Communication At Your Growing Company
24th August 2021

📓 Forbes: Hiring For Culture: Find And Grow Top Talent Based On These Five Traits
23rd August 2021

📓 Forbes: Nine Sales Tips Entrepreneurs Wish They’d Known When They First Started
18th August 2021

📓 Forbes: Falling Behind On Work? Take These Steps To Get Back On Track
18th August 2021

📓 Forbes: Are These Nine Cash Flow Mistakes Jeopardizing Your Company’s Future?
19th July 2021

📓 Forbes: 10 Myths About Selling To Customers (And The Real Truth)
14th July 2021

📓 Forbes: Eight Tips To Set Boundaries And Achieve Greater Focus At Work
22nd June 2021

📓 Forbes: Eight Content Marketing Secrets To Successfully Promote A Brand
28th May 2021

✏️ Forbes: 10 Proven Ways To Build Resilience As An Entrepreneur
21st May 2021

✏️ Forbes: How To Become The Intrapreneur Of Your Company’s Dreams
11th May 2021

📓 Forbes: Nine Small Actions Business Leaders Can Take To Ensure Diversity In Hiring
16th April 2021

📓 Forbes: Eight Things Machine Learning Can Do To Improve Your Daily Customer Interactions
26th February 2021

📓 Forbes: How To Ensure A Seamless Transition When A Key Company Leader Leaves
3rd February 2021

📓 Forbes: Eight Gadgets These Business Leaders Can’t Live Without
27th January 2021

📓 Forbes: Entrepreneurs Share Eight Key Takeaways From Their Positive Experiences As (And With) Customers
22nd December 2020

📓 Forbes: The Top 10 Communication Lessons An Entrepreneur Can Learn
27th October 2020

📓 Forbes: 10 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Growing Team About Their Performance

13th November 2020

📓 Forbes: 10 Ways To Use LinkedIn’s New Tools To Boost Your Outreach

9th November 2020

📓 Forbes: Nine Signs You’re Not Being Effective During Your Day

20th October 2020

📓 Forbes: 15 Smart Ways To Get More Mileage Out Of Your Digital Content

24th September 2020

📓 Forbes: 10 Top-Notch Personal Brands Leaders Should Emulate

4th September 2020

📓 Forbes: 10 Smart Ways Businesses Can Keep Up With Ever-Changing Social Media Functions

20th August 2020

📓 Forbes: Council Post: 12 Unconventional Ways To Generate Ideas For Fresh, Engaging Content

19th August 2020

📓 Forbes: 15 Topics To Bring Up In A Job Interview If You Want To Be Memorable

29th July 2020

📓 Forbes: 14 Issues That Could Throw Off The Wearables Revolution

28th July 2020

📓 Forbes: Hiring Your First Remote Employee? Follow These 16 Tips

5th June 2020

📓 Forbes: 10 Tactics For More Effectively Measuring Your Customer Service ROI

21st May 2020

 📓    Forbes: 10 Smart Strategies To Convert Web Traffic Into Sales

15th April 2020

📓   Forbes: 10 Ways To Be Available For Your Team (While Still Getting Your Own Work Done)

18th February 2020

 ✏️  Forbes:  Top Five Business Obstacles For 2020

3rd January 2020

  📓  Forbes: Beyond The Initial Download: Nine Ways To Keep Users Coming Back To Your New App

9th September 2019

  📓  Forbes: Nine Smart Ways Business Leaders Can Execute A Solid Social Media Strategy

 20th June 2019

✏️ Forbes:  Eight Tips For Staying On Top As An Entrepreneur With A Baby On The Way 

 May 9, 2019

📓 Forbes: Maintaining Company Culture When Scaling: Eight Methods Every Entrepreneur Should Know
7th January 2019

📓 Forbes: 10 Social Media Tips For Introverted Business Leaders
26th December 2018

📓 Forbes: 10 Entrepreneurs Share The Worst Business Advice They Ever Got
18th December 2018

📓 Forbes: Time Optimization: Five Methods For Entrepreneurs To Make The Most Of Their Day
6th December 2018

 📓  Forbes: Eight Methods To Prioritize Your Project Slate And Boost Productivity

 15th February 2019

  📓   Forbes: Changing Your Project Management Methodology? How To Get Your Team On The Same Page

19th November 2018

 ✏️  Forbes: How To Become A More Confident Coder

23rd October 2018

✏️ Forbes: How To Keep Up To Date As A Software Developer
1st March 2018

✏️ Forbes: How To Become A Better Programmer On The Job
9th February 2018

✏️ Forbes: What Changes Should Microsoft Make To Github?
5th June 2018


📓 Inc: 8 Tips for Breaking Through a Creative BlockOvercoming
13th April 2022

📓 Inc: 8 Expert Secrets to Creating Highly Influential Content
19th August 2021

📓 Inc: 8 Leaders Share the Top Marketing Lessons They Learned in 2020
28th December 2020

✏️ Inc: Team Toxicity: 5 Effective Ways to Identify These Elements and Quickly Adapt Company Culture
23rd April 2020

✏️ Inc: 5 Entrepreneur Myths You Have to Kill to Succeed
18th March 2020

📓 Inc: 6 Proven Tactics for Dealing With Upset Customers
21st January 2020

📓 Inc: 8 Tips for Praising Employees (Without Making Others Jealous)
14th January 2020

📓 Inc: The Art of (Truly) Taking a Vacation: 6 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets
17th September 2019

📓 IncAvoid Workplace Conflict Escalation With These 7 Tips
23rd April 2019

📓 IncLeverage Your Introverted Traits to Become a Better Business Leader
22nd April 2019

📓 Inc: 2019 Is Just Around the Corner — Have You Realigned Your Marketing Strategy Yet?
December 7, 2018

✏️ Inc: The Most Important Part of Your Tech Resume: Experience
January 31, 2018

✏️ Inc: 10 Uncommon Skills All Successful Entrepreneurs Have
November 3, 2017

✏️ Inc: Make No Mistake: Becoming a Freelancer Means Starting a Business
July 24, 2017

✏️ Inc: How the Most Successful Leaders Build Unshakeable Mental Strength
July 18, 2017

✏️ Inc: Help! My Boss Won’t Talk to Me
June 30, 2017

✏️ Inc: How to Be an Effective Boss When Your Employees Are Thousands of Miles Away
June 19, 2017

✏️ Inc: 7 Workspace Strategies for Remote Workers
June 3, 2017

📓 Small Business Trends: 10 Ways to Tactfully Decline Your Employee’s Request for a Raise
4th September 2022

📓 Small Business Trends: 15 Warning Signs Your New Hire May Not Pan Out As Expected
24th October 2021

📓 Small Business Trends: 12 Budget-Friendly Ways to Prioritize Employees’ Mental Health
25th July 2021

📓 Small Business Trends: 14 Podcasts That Have Impacted How These Entrepreneurs Run Their Businesses (and Why)
17th June 2021

📓 Small Business Trends: Limited Resources? 13 Easy Practices for Better Employee Onboarding
23rd May 2021

📓 Small Business Trends: 11 Tips to Always Keep Your Social Media Content On Brand
22nd March 2021

📓 Small Business Trends: 12 Resources and Communities Entrepreneurs Should Follow for Industry Insight and Tips
14th March 2021

📓 Small Business Trends13 Recruiting Lessons to Remember When Hiring for a Senior Position
17th January 2021

📓 Small Business Trends: 13 Unusual But Effective Strategies for Sharing Your Company Culture With New Hires
23rd December 2020

📓 Small Business Trends: Overworked? 12 Practical Ways Entrepreneurs Can Cut Down Their Hours
3rd December 2020

📓 Small Business Trends: 12 Ways Service-Based Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Holiday Season
22nd November 2020

📓 Small Business Trends: 15 Productivity Tips to Help Small Business Entrepreneurs Succeed
15th September 2020

📓 Small Business Trends: Small Team? 15 Tips for Expanding Your Marketing Efforts With Limited Resources
9th July 2020

📓 Small Business Trends: Don’t Want to Risk Your Own Money on Your Business? 13 Alternative Financing Strategies
7th July 2020

📓 Small Business Trends: 11 Things Every Good Employee Referral Program Needs
16th June 2020

📓 Small Business TRENDS: How Much to Charge? 10 Ways New Businesses Can Determine Their Ideal Prices
12th December 2019

📓 Small Business TRENDS: Missing Your Revenue Targets? 14 Strategies for Turning It Around
15th September 2019

📓 Small Business TRENDS: 15 Tips to Unify Company Culture Across Departments
13th September 2019

📓 Small Business Trends: 11 Ways to Manage Client Expectations for Business Success
21st February 2019


📓 Recruiter: Little Interest in an Open Position? 9 Tips for Increasing the Number of Applications
2nd October 2022

📓 Recruiter: Partnering With a University to Find Top Talent? 12 Tips for Success
4th August 2022

📓 Recruiter: 11 Signs of a Great Candidate, Based on Their LinkedIn Profile
10th September 2021

📓 Recruiter: 9 Incentives You Should Offer to Attract Top Talent
6th July 2021

📓 Recruiter: 13 Key Factors for Ensuring a New Hire’s Success in the First Three Months
8th October 2020

📓 Recruiter: 13 Key Factors for Ensuring a New Hire’s Success in the First Three Months
8th October 2020

📓 Recruiter: 14 Ways to Get HR Reps and Hiring Managers on the Same Page
20th August 2020

📓 Recruiter: Experience Over Ambition: 11 Things to Know About Hiring for a Senior Leadership Role
5th February 2020

📓 Recruiter: 2019 in Review: 14 Entrepreneurs Reflect on the Biggest Recruiting Trends of the Year
19th November 2019

📓 Recruiter: 13 Positive Habits to Boost Your Success
24th September 2019

📓 Recruiter: 13 Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
9th July 2019

✏️ Recruiter: 5 Reasons Why Executive Branding Will Skyrocket Your Recruitment Efforts
November 30, 2018

📹 Mario Peshev: Client Management: Transition From a Vendor to a Consultant
28th June 2021

📹 Mario Peshev: 10 Ways to Diversify and Strengthen Your Offering
26th October 2020

📹 Mario Peshev: Tips For Successful Enterprise WordPress Projects
9th August 2019


📓 AllBusiness: Managing Transition in the Workplace: 11 Tips for Supporting Employees
30th May 2022

📓 AllBusiness: First Time Firing an Employee? Advice for New Business Owners and Managers
28th May 2021

📓 AllBusiness: The Worst Business Advice We’ve Ever Heard
8th February 2021

📓 AllBusiness: Job Hunting? Make Sure Your Resume Has These Essential Elements
15th November 2020

📓 AllBusiness: Landing Page Best Practices: How to Optimize Your Web Pages for Increased Conversion
31st October 2020

📓 AllBusiness: 14 Unique Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media
23rd August 2020

📓 AllBusiness: 14 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Making (And What to Do Instead)
18th April 2020

📓 AllBusiness: 15 Smart Ways to Test New Hires Before You Commit
8th March 2020

📓 AllBusiness: 15 Ways to Effectively Communicate Company Goals With Your Employees
29th January 2020

📓 15 Proven Ways to Improve Your Business Negotiation Skills
11th July 2019

📓 13 Valuable Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring New Employees
28th June 2019

Thrive Global

✏️ Thrive Global: The Power of “I’m Sorry”
7th May 2021

✏️ Thrive Global: Why Technology Addiction Is A Double-Edged Sword?
20th January 2020

✏️ Thrive Global: 5 Reasons To Turn Competitors Into Friends
10th January 2020

📓 Thrive Global: Time Management Skills Successful Business Owners Must Have
11th December 2019

Publishing Executive

✏️ Publishing Executive: 5 Ways to Gamify Your Website and Increase Reader Engagement
24th January 2020

📓 Publishing Executive: 12 Most Popular Media Tech Stories of 2019
19th December 2019

✏️ Publishing Executive: 5 WordPress Trends Publishers Should Keep in Mind for 2020
25th November 2019

✏️ Publishing Executive: 5 Common WordPress Misconceptions
16th September 2019

✏️ Publishing Executive: 5 Ways Publisher Technology Lags & Hurts Monetization
April 17, 2019

✏️ Publishing Executive: 5 Media Website Optimization Strategies for Managing Seasonal Traffic Spikes
October 11, 2018


📓 Influencive: 14 Ways to Be More Transparent on Social Media
3rd March 2020

📓 Influencive: 15 Tips to Create Consistent, Authentic, Engaging Content for Customers
24th February 2020

📓 Influencive: The Best Ways to Stay Productive at Work, No Matter the Circumstances
2nd May 2019

📓 Influencive: Don’t Stress! 10 Ways to Make Decision-Making Easier
May 8, 2019

📓 Influencive: 11 Ways for Busy Entrepreneurs to Relax and Recharge
19th March 2019


📓 Success: 12 Weekend Habits of Successful People
10th April 2020

📓 Success: 15 Must-Read Books for Those Seeking Success This Year
7th January 2020

📓 Success: 13 Positive Habits That Can Boost Your Success
30th August 2019

📓 SUCCESS14 Entrepreneurs on Their Best Tips for Letting Go of Stress
23rd April 2019

Business 2 Community

📓 Business 2 Community: The 9 Hardest Things About Being an Entrepreneur That You Never Expected
10th December 2019

✏️ Business 2 Community: Should I Contract a Marketing Agency or Hire an In-House Marketer?
18th August 2017

✏️ Business 2 Community: The Strategic Role of Digital Consultants for Startups and Small Businesses
14th July 2017

✏️ Business 2 Community: 7 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
24th March 2017

✏️ Business 2 Community: 17 Critical eCommerce Threats Killing Your Conversion Rates
8th March 2017

✏️ Business 2 Community: Top 20 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2017
5th March 2017

📓 Recruiter: 8 Recruiting Trends Business Leaders Expect to See in 2022
28th March 2022

✏️ RETAILTODAY: How to Keep Your eCommerce Website Operations Running Smoothly When Holiday Traffic Spikes
15th November 2022

📓 The Current: Operations 20 October Site down means no sales. Get prepared for holiday traffic spikes
20th October 2022

📓 YEC: Hiring in the New Normal: Balancing Employer and Employee Needs
18th April 2022

📓 Calendar: How to Catch Up on Work When You’re Behind
17th February 2022

📓 DiTech Media: 5 Questions with Mario Peshev
22nd June 2021

📓 The USA Reporter: Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2021
18th June 20

📓 California Herald: Top 10 Business Coaches To Look Out For In 2021
21st May 2021

✏️ Wealth Ideas: Top 10 Most Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need
22nd April 2021

📓 BlogReign: Scaling Quickly? 12 Tips to Grow at the Right Pace for You and Your Team
26th March 2021

📓 Life Hacker: Does It Really Matter How Fast You Type?
25th March 2021

📓 Business: Want to Boost Your Team’s Programming Skills? Try These 15 Expert-Recommended Tools
16th December 2020

📓 BlogReign: 12 Foolproof Methods for Growing Your Email List
15th December 2020

🎙356 Labs: Mario Peshev Reveals How to Improve Tech Presentations
11th November 2020

📓 Blog Ninja: 16 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Their Blogs
3rd November 2020

📓 LSBC: Interview with Mario Peshev: IT startups are the leaders
16th October 2020

📓 Mario Peshev Shares DevriX’s WordPress Retainer Business Model and Why He Doesn’t Believe in Competition
3rd October 2020

📓 SKT Themes: The Scalability Aspect is Exhilarating
29th September 2020

📓 Book Webmaster: 10 of the Best WordPress Influencers Share Their Best WordPress Advice
10th September 2020

📓 EO Minnesota: Top Tips to Revamp Your Marketing Game Plan
31st August 2020

📓 WordPress Tavern: Stepping Into a Market With Major Players, Mario Peshev Acquires WP-CRM System
28th August 2020

📓 Crazy About Startups: 14 Unique Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media
23rd August 2020

📓 Building Online Business: 14 Unique Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media
23rd August 2020

📓 LinkedIn: Time Management Skills Successful Business Owners Must Have
21st August 2020

📓 WPfounders: Mario Peshev of DevriX Sharing His Success Story
6th July 2020

📓 BlogVault: 15+ WordPress Experts Reveal Marketing & Operations Secrets Under Covid-19
18th June 2020

📹 Digital Anarchist: Mario Peshev – TechStrong TV
24th May 2020

✏️ Young Upstarts: Want To Scale Effectively? Start Thinking Like A Ten Person Team When You’re Still A Solopreneur
13th May 2020

📓 Attrock: Content Marketing Challenges Faced by Marketers
8th May 2020

🎙DistantJob: Hiring the Right People for Your Remote Team with Mario Peshev
28th April 2020

📓 Search Engine Watch: Five ways a CRM system improves SEO results
21st April 2020

📓 People of WordPress: Mario Peshev
8th April 2020

📓 Malcare: A Deep Dive Into Building A 50+ Person WordPress Studio With Mario Peshev
3rd April 2020

✏️ SmartBrief: Consider These Productivity Frameworks and Tools for Effective Management
20th March 2020

✏️ SmallBiz-Resources: Small Business, Big Web Business – Why WordPress is the Go-To Choice for 33% of World’s Websites
11th December 2019

✏️ Hacker Noon: 5 Crucial Career Stages: From Looking For An Internship To Career Growth
5th December 2019

📓 HTTP Toolkit: How to Debug Anything
3rd December 2019

📓 People: 5 Ways to Welcome a New Employee
12th November 2019

🎙 WP Elevation: The Benefits of Hiring A Team According to Mario Peshev
10th November 2019

📓 WPBlog: Advisor, Trainer & Manager: DevriX CEO, Mario Peshev, In Conversation With WPblog
28th September 2019

📓 Recruiter: The 3 Keys to a Successful, Sustainable Career in IT
18th September 2019

🎙 Apple Podcast: The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship
28th August 2019

📓 Small Business Trends: 12 Small Business Tips from Podcasts Used by the Pros
26th August 2019

📓 Inc: Growing Your Influence Online: 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog
13th August 2019

🎙Lifeology: The Successful Entrepreneur: Guest – Mario Peshev – YouTube
25th July 2019

🎙Home Business Mag: Podcast – Dark Side of Going Solo – Overcome Challenges in Starting Up a Business
25th July 2019

📓 Markets Insider: Tech CEO Mario Peshev & Top PHP Influencer and Evangelist Cal Evans Unite to Train & Mentor Developers at DevriX and Extended Community
22nd July 2019

📓 Hearpreneur: 22 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Future of Entrepreneurship
9th July 2019

📓 Influencive: How to Make a Good Impression When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Naturally Charismatic
9th July 2019

📓 Looking to Extend Your Dev Team? DevriX is a WordPress Development Agency Using Tech Talent to Solve Business Problems
8th July 2019

📓 StartUp Mindset: Is There A Dark Side to Going Solo When Becoming an Entrepreneur? Interview with Author Mario Peshev
14th June 2019

🎙 BobWP – WooCommerce: Do the Woo Podcast with Guest Mario Peshev
18th April 2019

✏️ DZone: Designing Individual Career Plans for Engineers and Developers
April 2, 2019

✏️ ClickZ: WordPress is used by 33% of all websites: What makes it such a popular CMS?
March 14, 2019

🎙 WPMRR: E32 – R2-D2 on dominating the enterprise space (Mario Peshev, DevriX)
12th March 2019

📓 WPLeaders: Top 100+ WordPress Influencers To Follow In 2019
9th March 2019

📓 The Next Web: 10 ways to prepare for the AI and automation revolution
18th January 2019

✏️ SD Times: Framework & language — Top 5 things for software developers to consider in SaaS
November 12, 2018

📓 Manning Global: Get to Know Mario Peshev, CEO of DevriX
November 5, 2018

✏️ Advertising Week 360: The 10-Year Publisher Throwback
November 2, 2018

✏️ Advertising Week 360: 5 Strategies to Optimize a Media Site
October 10, 2018

📓 WooRank: 8 Experts On Why Google’s “Page Speed” Update Makes Sense
23rd August 2018

📓 CMSWire: 3 Tips for Project Managers to Manage Input From Multiple Stakeholders
21st August 2018

📓 Simple Programmer: 10 Channels You Can Use To Stay Ahead Of Programming Trends
18th May 2018

📓 WPblog: Why New Plugins Fail – Is The WordPress Community To Blame?
10th April 2018

✏️ Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines: Was Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn a Good Move? | Opinion
9th April 2018

✏️ Newsweek: Was Microsoft’s Acquisition of Linkedin A Good Move? | OPINION
April 8, 2018

✏️ Apple News: Was Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn a Success?
April 7, 2018

📓 First Site Guide: Interview with Mario Peshev [FSG]
2nd April 2018

✏️ Forbes: How To Get A Job When You Don’t Have The Experience Employers Want
March 20, 2018

📓 Ahrefs: 11 Slack Communities for SEOs and Digital Marketers (That You Should Join Today)
15th March 2018

📓 MailMunch: Your Guide to Welcome Email Best Practices
14th March 2018

📓 LongTailPro: How to Hire Freelancers and Manage Remote Teams
12th March 2018

📓 Rescue a CEO: 25 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Blogging for Business
7th January 2018

📓 Spin Sucks: The Big Question: What’s Your Favorite Slack Group?
5th January 2018

✏️ HuffPost: 5 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Career
January 4, 2018

✏️ HuffPost: Is Digital Marketing a Worthwhile Career?
December 27, 2017

✏️ HuffPost: 8 Things Every Interviewer Is Looking for in a Job Candidate
December 8, 2017

✏️ Forbes: The Main Difference Between Junior Programmers And Senior Programmers
December 5, 2017

✏️ HuffPost: Given How Quickly Technology Evolves, Why Does Experience Matter for Software Engineers?
November 11, 2017

📓 SaaS Email Marketing: What’s the WORST email marketing advice you ever received? – 22 experts share their story
27th September 2017

✏️ Forbes: What Are The Most Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need?
September 11, 2017

📓 CreativeTribes: Best Practices for Managing Your Distributed Team — #CreativeTribes AMA with DevriX’s Mario Peshev
September 12, 2017

✏️ HuffPost: 10 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Master
September 6, 2017

✏️ Marketing Insiders: 7 Channels for Building Your Personal Brand
August 10, 2017

✏️ Forbes: 7 Things You Need To Consider Before Going Freelance As A Coder
21st July 2017

✏️ HuffPost: Never Forget That Becoming a Freelancer Is Starting a Business
uly 19, 2017

📓 ThemeIsle Blog: Mario Peshev Interview – CEO of DevriX and Man of Many WordPress Pursuits
28th June 2017

📓 WordPress Marketing Team Launches Case Studies and Usage Survey for Agencies, Clients, and Enterprises
22nd June 2017

✏️ HuffPost: The Best Ways for Remote Employees to Manage Their Work Environments
June 22, 2017

✏️ Forbes: Do I Really Need A Mentor To Be A Good Programmer?
June 16, 2017

✏️ Apple News: How Automation Will Impact the Software Development Industry (Quora)
5th June 2017

✏️ Apple News: 4 Steps to Prepare For Your New Programming Job (Quora)
May 31, 2017

✏️ Apple News: How New Programmers Can Build Their Personal Networks (Quora)
25th May 2017

✏️ Forbes: What Will Happen When Software Development Becomes Automated?
May 27, 2017

✏️ HuffPost: Is It Possible to Run a One-Person Software Company?
May 26, 2017

✏️ Forbes: Am I Ready To Be An Entry-Level Web Developer?
25th May 2017

✏️ HuffPost: If You’re Starting a New Programming Job, Work Through This Checklist First
25th May 2017

✏️ Forbes: Is It Possible To Run A Software Company Alone?
24th May 2017

✏️ Forbes: When Learning To Program Computers, It Helps To Build A Network Of People
18th May 2017

✏️ HuffPost: What’s the Best Way to Meet Other Beginner-Level Programmers?
16th May 2017

✏️ Forbes: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Job Hopping As A Software Engineer?
13th May 2017

✏️ HuffPost: Is Job Hopping a Smart Career Move?
11th May 2017

📓 ERE Media: Insights from 11 Leaders on Recruiting and Hiring Remote Workers
9th May 2017

📓 Future of Everything: Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s The Future Of Content Marketing?
4th May 2017

✏️ HuffPost: How is Influencer Marketing Superior to Digital Ads?
1st May 2017

✏️ Forbes: How Do Programming Languages Work Together?
1st May 2017

✏️ Apple News: How Is Influencer Marketing More Effective Than Digital Ads?
29th April 2017

🎙 Episode 58 – The Magic of SAAS Apps and Enterprise Work with Mario Peshev
25th April 2017

✏️ Triberr: 8 Actionable Steps to Get Featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. and More
19th April 2017

✏️ WP Elevation: How to Attract High Paying Clients for your WordPress Business
27th March 2017

📹 Artbees Blog: Devrix CEO Mario Peshev Talks SaaS
23rd March 2017

📓 Cozmoslabs: Morning Routines of 11 Successful WordPress Business Owners
20th March 2017

📓 SaaS Email Marketing: The #1 SaaS Marketing Trick – What 17 experts have to say about it
8th March 2017

📓 Brainleaf Blog: Changing Project Managers Half-Way Through A Project
8th March 2017

🎙 WP Tonic: WP Tonic Podcast with Mario Peshev
3rd March 2017

✏️ 25 Actionable Project Management Tips for Growing Remote Teams
27th February 2017

✏️ WP Elevation: Web Developers Guide to Building Your Network
24th February 2017

📓 Kinsta WordPress Hosting: Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Mario Peshev
9th February 2017

📓 Qminder: 7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Lines
7th February 2017

📓 Curtis McHale: Moving to retainers with Mario Peshev
3rd February 2017

✏️ Web Design Ledger: Stop Losing Prospects With Disappearing Contact Form Submissions
30th January 2017

📓 CEO Blog Nation: 35 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name – Hearpreneur
22nd January 2017

📓 WP Elevation: Starting a web development business with Mario Peshev
18th January 2017

📓 Forbes: The First 5 Things You Should Ask When Starting A New Job
15th January 2017

🎙 Mario Peshev on the WordPress Ecosystem, Episode 73
15th January 2017

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