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The first rule of personal branding is picking a niche, defining your audience and speaking their language.

Discussing eCommerce matters on Bloomberg TV

This doesn’t work for me. I wear multiple hats on a daily basis:

  • I work directly with high-profile clients on business and technical strategy.
  • I oversee sales and tech growth for DevriX.
  • I mentor our VPs and senior managers AND work closely with everyone on the team. I’m probably more hands-on than needed, but we’re a team and that’s what counts.
  • I act as an advisor for several C-level executives on business processes, technical strategy, marketing techniques, monetization opportunities, building teams.
  • I write content, record videos for LinkedIn and YouTube, and run an IT career podcast.
  • I’m fairly active on LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter.
  • I used to teach technical courses (not as frequently nowadays) and speak at conferences across Europe and the US.
  • I have a daughter, a dog, a red-eared slider turtle raised together with my wife.

As long as the business is doing well, my core goal is building the processes that help us scale further, which coincidentally happens to be closely related with my Open Source work and the content I publish (some of which has been republished on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, Business 2 Community, among others).

Education and continuous learning have always been a passion of mine. Not in the traditional sense of university degree (which I’m 5 classes away from acquiring). But in staying up-to-date through books, courses, case studies, and our day-to-day experience.

If my content is too diverse for you, that’s fine. I’m still categorizing the tons of answers and articles published across different sources and will keep expanding on areas that need clarification or additional insights.

I failed to memorize my Golden Gate drive in 2013 and retaking the moment in 2019

A Business Advisor and the CEO of DevriX – providing technical, business, and marketing strategies and techniques for successful enterprises.

I work with business owners, C-level executives, and managers in order to improve six areas of their digital life:

  1. Building the right technical stack
  2. Automating business processes and saving time
  3. Growing traffic and sales
  4. Tackling recruitment and team alignment
  5. Building and managing technical teams
  6. Increasing brand awareness
Presenting WooCommerce at an eCommerce digital event

With close to 20 years of digital experience, I specialize in several different areas:

  • Running DevriX with a team of 40+, working on high-scale ongoing retainers for SMEs and fast-paced startups
  • Over 10,000 hours of training and consulting, including high-profile organizations such as VMware, CERN, Saudi Aramco, SAP, Software AG to name a few
  • Contributing to other media outlets and magazines such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, HuffPost, Inc, and Business 2 Community
  • Consulting business owners directly over Clarity, and helping out on Quora

My complete resume with my references could be found at http://www.linkedin.com/in/mpeshev

I Help Successful Businesses Solve Problems

At DevriX we are devoted to digital. DevriX is a distributed technical and business WordPress agency with a team of 40+ employees and several freelancers. We build complex applications on top of WordPress, scale WordPress multisites and magazines serving 200M+ monthly views, create frameworks and SaaS platforms, optimize existing solutions and provide ongoing development and maintenance that serves both technical, creative, marketing, and business needs.

And as a business advisor, my top priority is helping successful corporations and organizations with technical consulting, growth strategy and business development reviews for high-end WordPress platforms. I provide long-term advisory for businesses generating $5M – $100M on:

  • Migrating custom solutions to WordPress
  • Successful Internet marketing strategies aimed to generate targeted traffic, partnerships, and positive brand awareness
  • Complete analysis of the digital presence – market and competitor research, speed and SEO overview, content strategy, conversion funnels, email automation
  • Management and leadership advice within the organization and externally
  • Designing Software as a Service platform solutions and large Multisite networks
  • Planning and building WordPress and system architecture for corporate portals, intranets, or high-scale platforms
  • Exploring and discovering additional revenue and monetization models that work
An entrepreneurship workshop in San Francisco + signing of my book

Along with my team at DevriX, we combine our business know-how with solid technical experience and community involvement, working closely with our customers. Our process includes business analysis, defining the right approach for building a technical solution, and then iteratively optimizing the user engagement and lead capture process in order to improve the overall user experience.

I’ve been leading and building teams since 2008, jumping from technical architecture through project management, business analysis and advisory on building business plans and scaling successful businesses. I am Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales certified by HubSpot, and combine my engineering background with my management and marketing expertise in order to craft functional and beautiful products targeting the right buyer personas.

WordPress Development Background

I happen to manage one of the top 20 WordPress Development Companies worldwide.

Some of our local team members during WordCamp Sofia in 2018

At DevriX, we work on niche WordPress projects where non-standard or multi-platform approaches are used – building SaaS solutions, integrating 3rd party APIs, configuring the network and deployment stack, building bridges between major plugins.

I’m the founder of the WordPress Bulgaria User Group and the WordPress Developers community, and a former WordCamp Sofia and WordCamp Europe organizer, teaching regular courses on WordPress development.

I contribute back to the WordPress ecosystem (including the WordPress Core since 2013) and introduce developers and users to the most advanced and powerful managed WordPress hosting solution.

Technical Background

I am also a Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 5.0 with several years of Java development experience, and a Certified Secure Web Applications Engineer at mile2.

In essence, I’m a multi-disciplined software engineer experienced in building scalable solutions while playing with database servers and network stacks. I have presented at over 80 courses and seminars in Europe, the US and the Arab world on various web development, database management, security and business topics.

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I’ve been featured and published dozens of times on HuffPost, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Apple News, Business 2 Community and more:

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