WordPress Development and Business Advice

Mario Peshev on business growth and WordPress consulting


The first rule of personal branding is picking a niche, defining your audience and speaking their language.

This doesn’t work for me. I wear multiple hats on a daily basis:

  • I work directly with high-profile clients on business and technical strategy.
  • I oversee sales and finances for DevriX.
  • I work with our VPs and senior managers AND work closely with everyone on the team. I’m probably more hands-on than needed, but we’re a team and that’s what counts.
  • I consult several C-level executives on business processes, technical strategy, marketing techniques, monetization opportunities, building teams.
  • I write content, record videos for LinkedIn and YouTube, and run a WordPress-oriented podcast.
  • I’m fairly active on LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and recently Mastodon.
  • I teach technical courses (not as actively nowadays) and speak at conferences in Europe and the US.
  • I have a daughter, a dog, a red-eared slider turtle raised together with my wife.

As long as the business is doing well, my core goal is building the processes that help us scale further, which coincidentally happens to be closely related with my Open Source work and the content I publish (some of which has been republished on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, Business 2 Community, among others).

Education and continuous learning have always been a passion of mine. Not in the traditional sense of university degree (which I’m 5 classes away from acquiring). But in staying up-to-date through books, courses, case studies, and our day-to-day experience.

If my content is too diverse for you, that’s fine. I’m still categorizing the tons of answers and articles published across different sources and will keep expanding on areas that need clarification or additional insights.