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marketer's journey into entrepreneurship

Why Don’t All Marketers Found Their Business?

Why do excellent internet marketers work for others? If you can sell anything through marketing, why not start a business of your own? There’s a common misconception that marketers are necessarily entrepreneurs, can build excellent products, and are willing to work crazy hours on areas that are unrelated to marketing. Some of the best marketers…

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influencing through education or entertainment

Influencing Through Education Or Entertainment

Here’s why followers and engagement don’t necessarily translate to business opportunities. Personal branding online usually covers one of the following three areas: Real life celebrities Entertainers (tabloids, fun videos, memes, life tips and inspirational advice) Educators Most of my consulting calls revolve around lead generation and branding for B2B businesses. While I’m not a leadgen…

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how to apply for a job

Job Descriptions Are Fake – Here’s How to Apply For a Job

The hiring process is broken – and we know that. ❕72% of hiring managers believe they are giving candidates clear job descriptions ❕36% of candidates say that is what they experience ❕55% of candidates report frustration with the recruitment process ❕71% of employers have discovered misstatements in resumes ❕40% of them even found a required…

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social networks

What Is Wrong With Social “Networks”?

I still recall the forum days, IRC, ICQ/MSN, MySpace and a lot more. Social media is supposed to be about social networking and keeping in touch with people. Over the past couple of years, I don’t see that happening. Most interactions are monologues, people maintain accounts without really using them, touching base with folks is…

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How to maintain clientele

How To Maintain Your Clientele

Instead of doubling down on marketing and sales, never neglect your existing customer base. A happy customer is your best investment to date. After successfully closing a deal, the best you can do is discovering ongoing opportunities to grow their business. That’s what helped us grow to 45 folks at DevriX and generate 95% of…

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open source

Why And How Does Open Source Software Exist?

Why does open source software exist and how should I pick between free and premium software? I made a brief overview of how WordPress works and keeps growing with contributors, what motivates people to keep releasing free plugins, the market economics of Open Source software and more. If you ever wonder about the value of…

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successful web developer

Becoming A Successful Web Delevoper Even Without A Team

Having trained thousands of people, I’ve read hundreds of online complaints from remote hobbyists who live far away and “can’t attend”. I’m always baffled by kids who only imagine a training in Google (or another large corp) with a personal mentor on-site, a well-defined training program tailored to their taste, a team of other hobbyists…

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manager and developers

Project Managers vs Software Engineers?

Try to attend a geek conference and check the heartbeat of developers in the breaks. You’ll inevitably hear at least a few battle stories from projects gone wrong due to mismanagement or interpersonal conflicts within a project. 👊 At least the engineering’s perspective. Then again, what does it take to manage a team of engineers?…

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