WordPress Sales and Project Management Advice


00:32 - Managing Several Client Requests
02:56 - Distributing Hours for Cloud Development
04:36 - Handling Delays In Client Feedback
06:56 - Charging Clients and Pre-Establishing Payment Calendar
10:55 - Working With Local vs International Clients

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What Job Hopping Means To Hiring Managers

Job hopping is extremely common in the IT industry due to the vast number of available job offers. Skilled engineers could step up within a company or get a decent raise every 1.5 - 2 years.

While job-hopping presents various perks in terms of salary growth, it causes some major drawbacks when looking for a job as a tech leader or in senior management.

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When Will Web Designers and Web Developers Become Obsolete?

For dozens of centuries, human evolution has led to jobs replaced due to innovation.

Chasseurs, musketeers, blacksmiths, haywards, Papias are not in demand in the 21st century. Job requirements evolve since certain jobs become automated or science introduces the need for new occupations.

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What Does A Digital Consultant Do?

In a nutshell, Digital Consulting is an activity that connects business strategy to implementation across different digital fields (think web design and development, marketing, PR, server scaling, branding).

Digital Consulting Resources

Learn more about the art of digital consulting

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How To Pick The Right Candidate For The Job

Would you hire a slacker or a slow worker?

Imagine someone who leaves early and slacks a lot but tackles emergencies once they come up. And then the obedient worker arriving at 8 am who stays late in the evening but can't help with #priority tickets, outages, or other forms of critical tasks.

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