What Is The Morning Routine of a Typical American CEO?

Do you know how many CEOs work in the States? (assuming you don’t include the rest of North and South America)

I took a quick look at LinkedIn, searching for CEOs in the US, and here’s what comes up:


Nearly 3 million CEOs, or close to 1% of the population (or maybe more since not everyone is on LinkedIn).

And not every CEO is labeled as such, there are Presidents, Founders, General Directors, Principles.

Take any other large group of people (say, accountants, real estate agents, IT people) and consider how plausible it is to create a pattern out of their habits. It’s a lot easier than applying this same algorithm to CEOs.

Long story short, CEOs are people like everyone else and their day-to-day may vary entirely, depending on the size of the company, location, industry, international relations, business model, number of other senior partners, you name it.