What Are Some Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Business Partners and Employees?

gift ideas for your business partners and employees

What gift ideas for your business partners and employees do you currently have? I’m really fond of backpacks.

A hosting company I worked for as a brand ambassador branded a nice camouflage Dakine backpack for a Christmas party, which I believe also contained a pack of Converse sneakers.

I still remember both and really appreciated the gifts.

A tech event I presented at 4 months ago gave me another backpack with a hammock inside. A couple of years ago I received a microcontroller from a local company competing with Arduino/Raspberry Pi. I was totally stoked with these types of gifts and the local innovation competing with the big players.

While traveling to ~100 conferences, I’ve seen all sorts of swag that looked neat.

  • Power banks were impressive at first but they are slightly more common nowadays.
  • USB sticks as wrist chains always feel neat. If you find a waterproof one, this makes a great summer accessory.
  • Water bottles.
  • Swiss-Army knives.
  • Eco notebooks with sticky notes inside.