When Should Digital Business Owners Consider Hiring an Assistant?

The right time to hire an assistant is in one of the following cases:

  1. You have critical matters to take care of while other ongoing activities should be working in parallel
  2. Your senior management team is already formed, i.e. specific departments are managed independently
  3. You tend to spend time on repetitive work which could be optimized (email management, scheduling, organizing trips, booking places for business meetings)
  4. You have side contractors or freelancers that need some overseeing across different individual initiatives
  5. You also run other services besides the core company’s, i.e. public speaking, consulting, mentoring
  6. You can easily afford that without worrying about the costs
  7. You can maximize your efficiency by offloading repetitive tasks — by only reviewing filtered data or undertaking additional challenges
  8. You need some coverage in different time zones or some work to be done a couple of hours before or after your active period
  9. You need specific services that are best handled by an experienced assistant — business research, handling your appointments, attending meetings and taking notes for you, serving as a representative for you in business calls
  10. You need extra coverage at events — photo shooting, social media management during your talk, arranging meetings on-site at conferences, booking podcasts or rooms at the venue for other initiatives, and other “real-time” action items that are worth the investment

You may consider hiring an assistant right at the start of your business or even before it sets out. It really depends on the needs of your business and your financial standing. Often, you want to make sure that what you are really looking for is an assistant and not someone who can take on a specific role.

When you delegate tasks, it paves the way for you to channel your energies where they are most impactful. If routine or mundane tasks are sapping your time reservoir, this might be a hint that an assistant is a worthwhile investment.

Your hire must be malleable, especially during the initial phases of your business. You’ll want someone who can swiftly adapt, whether that means handling diverse tasks or transitioning into a more defined role.

This clarity will not only streamline your recruitment process but also set clear expectations, ensuring that your business reaps maximum benefits from this decision.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great option for digital business owners. Virtual assistants can work remotely and still provide great value to your business.