The Best Content Management System for Photographers

content management system for photographers

All Content Management Systems out there support media uploads, galleries, content production (About/Contact pages or blog posts or other story pages including your work).

For starters, when searching for the best content management system (CMS) for photographers, you can really launch your portfolio with any of them. From a visual standpoint, do some research upfront and make sure the available templates resonate with your style.

WordPress has many thousands of themes to pick from. Hosted site builders offer a more limited set of themes (Wix says 500+) since they aren’t open source and don’t attract tens of thousands of designers around the globe building themes for a living or a portfolio.

Moreover, this subset is fragmented into dozens of categories: small business sites, eCommerce, portfolio, personal branding, real estate, product portfolios, etc. (photography is probably one of them or others can be adapted accordingly).

Also, going for a hosted platform may pose limitations if your business flourishes and you grow a larger photography studio, invest in marketing automation tools, run a portfolio with stock photos (under a subscription-based platform) or need other forms or business and revenue-generating features that aren’t available yet by the commercial providers.

Aside from that, whatever you pick. I’ve noticed that popular apps like GuruShots have partnered with vendors like Wix to attract beginner photographers and WordPress has been a known player running 34% of the Internet already.