Short Tips

December 20, 2019

What Technological Innovations Can Make Remote Working Go Mainstream?

I believe that remote working has been fairly mainstream in most metropolitan cities over the past 5–7 years. Some of the leading challenges are related to companies’ remote working policy or a limited number of available places welcoming remote workers. I’ve spent years working from a number of coffices and wrote a cofficers guide for freelancers and telecommuters. There are some


March 12, 2019

Mentorship Is Overrated In Early IT Days

Mentorship is overrated, especially during the first years of one’s technical career. But Why Is Mentorship Overrated? Not because mentors lack the skills or experience to help out. There’s simply too much emphasis on the need for mentorship for one’s successful career. Great mentors are highly experienced, somewhat successful, and extremely busy. This effectively reduces

Comparing Costs Between Hiring And Outsourcing Web Developers

January 10, 2019

Comparing Costs Between Hiring And Outsourcing Web Developers

With the exception of hiring contractors for a predefined short-term (3–6 months), employees expect a long-term offer. The average tenure for software engineers varies – somewhere around 2 years. Building An In-House Team vs Outsourcing If you expect that a project will keep evolving rapidly for many years to come, building an in-house team is a

December 31, 2018

Cultural Differences Impact On Remote Teams

Cultural differences do have an impact on remote teams. I personally believe that to be an upside since I’ve always been genuinely interested in different cultures across the world. My first remote job was for a company building two translation products and I truly enjoyed the experience for the very same reason. I feel that

December 16, 2018

Benefiting Your Clients As A Distributed Agency

Small distributed teams are often worried about working remotely when selling to their first customers. Here are several tips you need to know. A Client Shouldn’t Care Technically speaking, a client shouldn’t care whether an agency is distributed or not. In a B2B transaction, the deal happens between both parties, based on a set of terms, requirements,

December 9, 2018

Advice For Service-based Businesses Working On One-Off Contracts

A common problem for small companies, especially service-based businesses working on one-off contracts is having a sole founder relying on irregular contracts needing to hire help.  My advice is: Switch to a Recurring Revenue Model ASAP Recurring revenue is, by far, the best way to manage growth in a predictable manner and scale accordingly. Could be

August 14, 2018

Reaching Out To New International Audiences

There are plenty of ways – some traditional, others – creative. Are you selling services or products, digital or physical, B2B or B2C? Do you target a single country or worldwide? Demographics of your target audience? What techniques do competitors use for selling? B2C For B2C (cheap digital products/services) digital marketing and advertisement work well. Influencer marketing