Reaching Out To New International Audiences

There are plenty of ways – some traditional, others – creative.

  • Are you selling services or products, digital or physical, B2B or B2C?
  • Do you target a single country or worldwide?
  • Demographics of your target audience?
  • What techniques do competitors use for selling?


For B2C (cheap digital products/services) digital marketing and advertisement work well. Influencer marketing is a good investment, albeit long-term (takes a while working with multiple influencers on targeted campaigns).

B2B can also benefit from those – but focused on inbound generation and sales calls instead. You can hire someone in-house who handles all international deals.

Hire A Local Sales Person

Selling more expensive products in a specific country (say, the US) may justify hiring a local sales person there. Attending conferences, trade shows, meetups – and meeting prospects locally.

Social media works in all cases, along with a well-maintained blog. The latter takes a while and is contingent on your content strategy and keyword research.

Personal branding online could help you land podcast appearances and other interviews. Being able to position yourself in the right media outlets (that your prospects read) may yield good results.

Consider partnerships, too. This is extremely valuable if you team up with a business managing a portfolio of “ideal” clients providing other services (complementing yours).