Building And Managing a Web Agency — YouTube Live With Chris LaFay

So Chris LaFay and I connected on LinkedIn after interacting there for several months. We literally bumped into each other while texting on LinkedIn as our messages arrived within the same second.

So, for our first chat, we picked the video format, and discussing our background in starting, building, and running agencies, along with the corresponding challenges.

Seems like our backgrounds are quite similar — we both started hacking around 1997-1999 and kept coding for a continuous period of time, switching to freelance and scaling from there. Over the call, we’ve discussed delegation, company culture, leaderships, scaling processes, hiring people, and a bunch of other intriguing topics for people eager to start a web agency or transition from freelance to business ownership.

We touched on the migration from an engineer to a business owner, too. Both of us still code, but sometimes it’s just a couple hours a week while occasionally it’s almost full-time. It all depends on the current business priorities, and the ability to put on the engineering hack is definitely handy for various reason.

Check out the full video and let me know what your main concern is when it comes to agency growth. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.