• The Practical Guide to Hiring Employees

    January 30, 2019 Recruitment

    The Practical Guide to Hiring Employees

    Hiring new employees is among the biggest problems businesses face. From micro businesses to large enterprises, finding and closing top talent is a major challenge that we’re all eager to overcome. Hiring Employees With Qualified Talent Having led over a thousand interviews, I’ve faced challenges with almost every role I looked for in IT. Software […]

  • Programmers Wear Headphones While Programming

    January 17, 2019 Recruitment

    Key Factors To Consider When Recruiting Front-End Web Developers

    If I have to classify the factors that we consider while recruiting front-end web developers, I would break them down into several categories. Different Categories Considered in Hiring 1. Skills The “skills” factor is the amount of know-how you possess, your portfolio, and being able to solve different problems. Depending on the complexity of the […]

  • Startup team

    December 28, 2018 Recruitment

    Effective Hiring Tips (For Startups And Growing Teams)

    There are fast-paced startups where execution is mission-critical. Then, there are the startups relying on an ongoing and regular business model – think of manufacturing or an ongoing type of activity that could easily take 60–80 hours a week. In other instances, freelancing may be a great model for a lean startup. The beginning phases of […]

  • Recruitment Challenges in the IT Industry

    December 12, 2018 Recruitment

    Common Recruitment Challenges in the IT Industry

    My position in my LinkedIn profile is a CEO of a team of 25 for several years now (nowadays 45), and yet I still do receive about a dozen emails every week through LinkedIn inviting me to apply as a junior developer somewhere or take on a senior position for an industry that I hadn’t even heard of. Additionally, […]