Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t a 9-to-5 job that comes with the comfort of family and friends time in the evenings, or traveling and watching TV over the weekends. It’s an effort that usually requires a massive commitment and a multidisciplinary approach for handling dozens of activities at the same time, from branding through technology to accounting. It requires an odd sense of curiosity and the inner urge for solving problems. It’s a competitive sport that isn’t comparable to being an employee of the month at the office. The Harsh Entrepreneurial Truth Over 80% of businesses fail in most industries. And most people… Continue Reading

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety With These 10 Practical Steps

https://youtu.be/5ijUgzafblw In 2006, I made a career switch and joined an R&D company with a strong training department. Over the past decade, I’ve spent over 6,000 hours on stage - the majority being public speaking and training courses mixed with 100+ conference talks and various meetup or workshop sessions. I’ve had the opportunity to teach classes and speak at: CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) Saudi Aramco (the world’s biggest oil company) VMware, SAP, Software AG, and dozens of other multinational tech organizations MIT (and a dozen more universities, training academies, and schools) to name a few. Today, I’ll… Continue Reading

The Lifecycle Of An Entrepreneur

The most genuine disappointment from entrepreneurship I’ve seen myself were former full-time employees who used to work in large corporations. Transitioning from corporate roles to entrepreneurship often leads to unmet expectations and disappointment. In large corporations, roles are defined, resources abundant, and predictability high. Employees focus on specific functions without worrying about the bigger picture or the bottom line. The responsibility can overwhelm those used to shared accountability in corporate settings. The skill set for entrepreneurship differs from specialized corporate roles. Sales, networking, and general management are often new challenges for former corporate employees. The shift from a structured, resource-rich… Continue Reading

Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs – Should You Launch a Startup Now?

Are you aspiring to become an entrepreneur and run your own business someday? If so, what have you been doing to prepare for the challenges that come with running a business and the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur? The recent recession has accelerated the professional growth for many who now lack the opportunity to join a promising organization as interns or juniors. The creative folks have persevered and identified progressive opportunities worth exploring to generate some revenue and possibly land a full-time career in entrepreneurship. With the job market being competitive and uncertain, some individuals have decided to… Continue Reading

The Complete Motivation Guide: How to Be Intrinsically and Extrinsically Motivated

According to a Gallup survey called "State of the Global Workplace", 85% of all employees are disengaged and feel unmotivated at work. At a macro level, the reason this stat alone is frightening is the life cycle of an individual and the impact on the next generation. Following the same path, a disengaged employee is more likely to: Contribute less at work (and barely move the needle unless really needed) Report higher risks of mental illness or other mental and psychological issues Translate work problems into personal ones, affecting friends and family Generally participate in more conversations and preaching the… Continue Reading

8 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Running a Business and Landing Customers

We certainly live in the most entrepreneurial era since the inception of humankind. Starting a new business endeavor gets more prominent thanks to mass media, startup accelerators, venture funds, and digital opportunities to launch quickly. The premise of "being your own boss" is a tempting solution to giving entrepreneurship a shot. How to Run a Business? The entrepreneurship wave combined with the demanding millennial rules of freedom and results-driven business models will break the norm in the corporate world over the next decade or two. Entrepreneurs need to know how to join progressive organizations and handle separate departments using shared… Continue Reading

20 Traits of Failing Entrepreneurs You Should Avoid

Working regularly from coffee shops or partner community spaces has given me an opportunity to meet solopreneurs and beginner entrepreneurs who dream of making it big. I have also met hundreds of all kinds of entrepreneurs as well as worked with and trained many of them. Noticeably, there is a growing appreciation for entrepreneurship. According to FreshBooks, 96% of self-employed people have no interest in returning to a ‘regular job.’ While their perseverance is admirable, there are several other traits to watch out for that no entrepreneur will fall into any trap and dwindle away the chances of getting successful.… Continue Reading