• Entrepreneurial Spirit

    May 8, 2019 Business Strategy

    8 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Running a Business and Landing Customers

    We certainly live in the most entrepreneurial era since the inception of the humankind. Many are giving entrepreneurship a shot thanks to the media support, the large number of startup communities, somewhat accessible investment capital, and the development of the digital landscape. The entrepreneurship wave combined with the demanding millennial rules of freedom and results-driven […]

  • September 14, 2018 Entrepreneurship

    The Lifecycle Of An Entrepreneur

    The most genuine disappointment from entrepreneurship I’ve seen myself were former full-time employees who used to work in large corporations. There was the initial hype, desire, hustle, and dreams. This took a couple of weeks. The hard work and actionable enthusiasm followed. Another month down the road. Yet, results were nowhere to be found. This was just the beginning. […]

  • Public speaking - WordCamp talk

    August 29, 2017 Entrepreneurship

    Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety With These 10 Practical Steps

    In 2006, I made a career switch and joined an R&D company with a strong training department. Over the past decade, I’ve spent over 6,000 hours on stage – the majority being public speaking and training courses mixed with 100+ conference talks and various meetup or workshop sessions. I’ve had the opportunity to teach classes […]