WordCamp Belgrade 2016

Being based in Sofia, attending WordCamp Belgrade last year was pretty much a no-brainer.

Luckily, the incredible organizing team in Serbia is organizing another event happening this weekend, or in other words: enter WordCamp Belgrade 2016!


It’s been close to a year since my sabbatical after WordCamp Europe 2015 when I had to take a long break, rearrange some of my priorities, focus on certain personal and professional things in my life and scale a number of things that would allow me to regroup our resources and give back as a team. We used to contribute more than 5% “before it was cool” and over the past X months our team evolved to three WordPress Core contributors, 6 community contributors and dedicated a good amount of time supporting various WordPress events in several countries and releasing a few more free WordPress plugins and themes on WordPress.org.

This coming weekend we’ll be sponsoring WordCamp Belgrade and enjoying the nice folks in Serbia, which is an incredible community that everyone should join and get to know. The schedule is stellar with international speakers with a ton of business, development and speaking experience, and I have no doubts that the event would be a proud addition to the list of the most incredible WordCamps in Europe.

For anyone coming to WordCamp Belgrade this weekend, please ping me, Stanko or Alex as we are always thrilled to meet fellow WordPress fans, business owners, developers, bloggers and users, as well as discussing everything going on in the WordPress-sphere.

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